12-Year-Old Fan From Argentina Got His Wish To See NBA Star Jimmy Butler Play!

What began as a sad story has ended as a dream come true for one 12-year-old Miami Heat fan.

Felipe and his family traveled more than 4,000 miles from Argentina to Miami to see NBA star Jimmy Butler play, but when it was announced that Butler wasn’t going to be playing in that game due to an injury, Felipe’s sadness was apparent. After the team treated him to some Heat memorabilia and he got to meet some of the players, it seemed that Felipe’s experience became a happier one.

And then the following day, Butler stepped in and met with the young fan and his family. Seems like a happy ending, but in fact, the story wasn’t over just yet.

Felipe Finally Got To See Jimmy Butler In Action!

Jimmy Butler and fans
Jimmy Butler – Instagram Story

Felipe, along with his sister Zoe and family, traveled more than 4,400 miles from Argentina to Miami to see Butler play with the Heat against the Boston Celtics last week. Felipe held up a sign that read, “Dear Jimmy: We flew over 4405 miles to see you play. Can we get a photo or a big face coffee?” Just before tip-off, he was sadly informed by a Heat usher that Butler was ruled out with back soreness and not even in the building. Cue the sadness heard round the world.

That’s when the team stepped in to help make up for the unexpected sad experience, and the following day, Butler also met with the family. But at this point, Felipe still hadn’t seen Butler play live. That changed when he attended the Heat vs. Orlando Magic on Friday night. And did we mention he got to watch the game from courtside seats?

The Story Has Been Shared On Social Media By Many

ESPN shared on Instagram that Felipe and his family finally got the chance to see Butler in action at a recent game. “The young fan who missed out on seeing Jimmy play finally got his wish ❤️,” the caption of the carousel of photos and videos reads.

Many took to the comments to share their thoughts on the story that ended happily for the 12-year-old fan. “Gotta Love Jimmy, the NBA should use this Jimmy gesture and do this every single NBA game. Give kids all around the world/ US the chance to see their idol play, rather it be rich or poor kids yellow, red, black or white,” one person suggested.

One fan wrote, ” This what it’s all about man.” Another added, “This Pic is and will ever explain how important a role model is.”

Butler also shared some photos of the experience on his Instagram Story.

Jimmy Butler and Felipe
Jimmy Butler – Instagram Story

Bleacher Report also shared the happy story on Twitter.

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