$330 Million Of Property At Stake In Rupert Murdoch, Jerry Hall Divorce

Many around the world were surprised when media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and model Jerry Hall announced their split. Now that the two are divorcing, there’s a lot at stake, including their huge real estate portfolio. So, who’s getting what in the split?

What Will Hall Get In The Divorce?

The couple holds over $330 million in real estate in addition to the vast personal fortunes both parties brought to the marriage. There’s no news yet on how Murdoch and Hall will divide their assets, but it’s highly likely that Murdoch had Hall sign a prenuptial and postnuptial agreement. 

Murdoch has been married three times before, and all his previous wives signed similar contracts. This means the former model will most likely not be taking a significant chunk of the media mogul’s $17.6 billion worth. 

Why Hall Didn’t Get A ‘Generous Prenup’

While Murdoch is undeniably the richer one in the relationship, Hall also has a significant net worth. Her career as a model and actress has netted her a personal worth of about $20 million. This is good news because, according to Vanessa Lloyd-Pratt, a UK solicitor, Hall will probably not be getting a lot of money in the divorce. 

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“One of the important aspects is the fact it’s a six-year marriage with no children from it,” she explained. “That is crucial. So even if there isn’t a prenup, she’s not going to be one of these people like his second wife Anna, who he was married to for 32 years, that is going to come out with £1.3billion.”

She continued, “After three costly divorces, having a generous prenup is not something Murdoch would do. Given he’s the shrewdest businessman ever, he will have tied up his empire into a completely tight trust. He’s a very savvy man.”

The Couple’s Real Estate Holdings

This means the only real battle will be over Murdoch and Hall’s properties. The two own a $13.8 million home in Oxfordshire, a manor house that the couple spent $37 million restoring, and a $280 million cattle ranch on 340,000 acres. 

The last property was purchased just six months ago, which adds to the mystery about why the couple is splitting up. “What happened?” Lloyd-Pratt mused. “It’s a huge mystery. The other question is why now? If Jerry decided to bring the marriage to an end, why would she choose to do it now?”

“Because he’s 91, with the greatest respect, he’s not going to be around much longer,” she explained. “So you’d have thought she would have waited. Does it mean there’s no point in her waiting because the prenup is so ironclad?” There has been no clarification as to why the couple is divorcing, but it’s apparent that Hall will not be taking a large portion of Murdoch’s personal worth. 

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