4 Genius Tips For Successfully Regifting Without Anyone Being The Wiser

Sometimes we receive a gift that we know just isn’t for us. Maybe it’s not our style, or it doesn’t go with our home decor, or we just don’t love it. Whatever the reason, we know it will sit unused for months (or potentially years). After that, it will likely be donated or thrown into the garage and forgotten. 

Before that chain of events unfolds, we should attempt to regift the item. Honestly, we believe regifting should be added to the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra. Sure, in the past regifting may have seemed “tacky” or rude.

But honestly, if the item is new and in good shape, we say, “what’s the harm?!” Of course, there are some rules to follow, so here are a few tips to ensure you successfully regift this holiday season.

1. Post-Its!

When you receive a gift that you know you likely won’t be using, put a post-it note on it with the name of the gift-giver. This will help you remember if you’re planning on regifting it, and it’ll help ensure that you don’t regift it to the original giver.

Just make sure to remove any identifying items, like the original gift card and the post-it note, before regifting! It’s also a good idea to re-wrap the gift too. That Christmas paper isn’t gonna work for their birthday.

2. Put Some Thought Into It

As with any gift, the thought is what matters most. Obviously, don’t regift the item to a particular person if you’re sure they won’t like it. Try to match the gift with a person who will appreciate it. Pay attention to their interests and only regift to someone who will use or value the gift.

It’s probably best practice to not regift within the same friend group or family either. Unless you’re upfront about it, which could actually be the best advice. Saying, “This didn’t work for me, but I thought you’d like it,” is a great way to make sure you don’t get in trouble for regifting.

3. Upcyle The Gift

Adding some personalization to a gift could help it become more thoughtful. That wine glass or tumbler you don’t need? Add some decals or glass etching to make them cuter and more personalized. Coasters, sweatshirts, mugs, picture frames, and pint glasses are all great options to personalize.

4. Be Mindful About What You Regift

Of course, there are some things that are off-limits when it comes to regifting. Don’t regift anything that was homemade by the gifter, or personalized beforehand.

Items that you’re sure would just end up back in the next person’s regifting closet should probably just be donated to a local charity. When you receive a gift at a white elephant Christmas party (that you’re never gonna use), you could always bring it back next year, which could turn into the “dreaded gift” in years to come.

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