4 Surprising Hacks This Over-50 Makeup Artist Wished She Knew Earlier 

Just as our skin care regimen changes as we age, mature makeup application also presents unique challenges. We usually need more hydration for prep—so much more hydration.

But creating makeup-ready skin with moisturizer is only the beginning, as over-50 makeup artist Chelespell explained in a recent TikTok post. And she may have just cracked the code to flawless mature makeup application with these four makeup hacks. In fact, she says these tips are so brilliant, she wishes she had known them sooner.

1. Eye Shadow First

For your entire life you have probably been applying foundation and concealer first, followed by eye makeup. But Chele’s first tip flips the order. Applying eye makeup before foundation and concealer is actually more efficient, she said. 

“You will not believe how much time this saves in case it trickles or falls and you have to redo it,” she explained. Instead of touching up the concealer and foundation you’ve already applied, you can simply wipe away any fallout without worrying about messing up the work you’ve already done.

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2. Contour and Highlight Under Foundation

Contouring makeup usually comes after foundation and concealer. But if you’re aiming for a flawless, natural look, Chele said applying it before is better because contouring lines will blend more readily.

“You will find that it will go on more smoothly and look more natural,” Chele assures. 

3. Foundation Only Where Needed

Chele emphasized that less is more when it comes to foundation for mature skin. The goal, she said, is to only apply it where you truly need it. 

“Do not feel that foundation needs to go on the full face,” she explains. “The foundation should match the skin enough that you can apply just enough to where it’s needed and blend well.”

4. Translucent Powder Under And Over Bronzer And Blush

Her last tip might be the most surprising: Post-foundation, Chele recommended setting your face with a translucent powder before reaching for any color, like blush or bronzer—as long as it’s not liquid.

“This way the color will not catch on the skin and go on smoothly, and once you put on your bronzer and blush you can actually set again with your translucent powder. Everything will stay on very well,” she said.

So there you have it, four quick hacks for more efficient and natural-looking mature-skin makeup—follow Chelespell for more where that came from.

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