5 Clever Tricks To Help Disguise A Receding Hairline

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Many things can contribute to a receding hairline. Age, stress, medication, and genetics can all cause hair loss, which can snowball into a receding hairline. While there are a few tricks to disguise a receding hairline, it’s always best to talk to your doctor first. They will help rule out any possible underlying conditions that could be contributing to your hair loss.

Below are a few cute and creative ways to disguise a hairline that’s receding.

1. Get The Right Cut

Finding the right cut if you have a receding hairline can be tricky, but we’re here to help. If you find yourself contemplating the big chop, it might be the time to do it! Short pixie cuts, shaggy styles, and cuts with lots of layers are all in style and can help easily disguise a receding hairline.

Curtain bangs are also a definite go-to for those with a receding hairline. Curtain bangs can help draw attention away from the forehead. They work great on fine hair and give the illusion of a thicker mane.

2. Let Your Hair Down

Try to avoid pulling your hair back too tightly. If you’re a big fan of high ponies, tight braids, or any other hair-pulling style, it’s probably time to put down the hairbrush.

Traction alopecia can be caused by wearing your hair too tightly. So, style your hair in a looser ponytail, messy bun, or loose braids; it could give your hair a much-needed break.

3. Pick The Best Products

There are several powders and pencils on the market to help camouflage a receding hairline. L’Oreal Paris Root Cover Up Spray, Bumble and Bumble Color Stick, and the tried and true Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Fill-In Powder can all help your hairline look a little more filled-in. Plus, these can do double-duty and will cover up grey strands. Or, if you’re like me, you can let your grey hair double as highlights.

4. Hats, Scarves, And Headbands–Oh My!

Obviously, hats, scarves, headbands, and beanies can help conceal a receding hairline. A few of our favorite accessories include a simple baseball cap, a cute velvet twistband, and a waffle-knit beanie. Incorporating headscarves into your look is another chic way to disguise a receding hairline.

5. Get To The Root Of The Problem  

There are also possible ways to improve hair growth, or at least find out the cause of your hair loss. Speak to your doctor for early treatment options if you notice your hairline is receding. It’s also important to speak to a doctor if you experience sudden hair loss, to rule out underlying conditions or causes. Some treatments include topical medications, oral medications, and laser therapy.

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