89-Year-Old Joan Collins Proves You’re Never Too Old For A Bikini In New Insta Post

Joan Collins just proved you’re never too old for some fun in the sun in her latest Instagram post. The 89-year-old actress shared a video of herself in a bikini enjoying some time in the pool. 

Collins Soaks Up The Sun In The South of France

“Nothing like having #funinthesun!” Collins captioned the post. In the video, Collins wears a light blue bikini and a large straw sun hat as she dances along to Blondie’s “Heart of Glass.” She and her husband, Percy Gibson, are currently on vacation in the south of France. 

Fans loved the video, filling the comment section with compliments. “You are an inspiration to us all,” one person wrote. “live life to its fullest,love you xx.” Another commented, “I love Blondie! Blondie and Joan Collins on Instagram—my worlds are colliding! I’m so glad you’re enjoying life!”

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Others gave Collins a shoutout for her swimwear. “I love the fact that you still wear a bikini—I’m like you, age should not define you,” one fan shared. “Always glamorous, always fabulous,” someone else wrote. 

Collins’ Aging Secrets: ‘I Wake Up Each Morning Thinking How Fortunate I Am’

In an interview with Hello!, Collins shared her secrets to aging gracefully, telling the publication that the secret to remaining youthful is happiness. “I was born with the happy gene and the energy gene. What makes me happiest is seeing my children happy,” she explained. 

“Honestly, life makes me happy and I’m very aware of how lucky I am,” the actress continued. “I’ve worked hard all my life, nobody has given me anything on a plate, but I wake up each morning thinking how fortunate I am. I’m very fit and healthy now—knock on wood—and I try to look after myself.”

Collins also does her best to eat healthily. “I try to eat a balanced diet,” she shared. “I believe eating avocados is very beneficial and I believe in taking vitamin supplements—I take Vitamin C, E, and Omega oils.”

The actress posted another photo from the couple’s vacation, writing, ​​“Nothing like having #funinthesun! When it’s #100degrees in the #shade I am #grateful to have a #pool.” She and Gibson have been married since 2002. Collins’ Instagram posts show that there’s no age limit on swimwear, and fans love her outlook on staying youthful as she gets older.

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