Aaron Carter Avoids Time Behind Bars In 2017 DUI Case

Justice is taking a while to get served these days! For Aaron Carter, that’s potentially been a good thing. The former child star and brother of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter has finally resolved a 2017 DUI case. This is potentially an issue that many folks had forgotten about. However, the circumstances surrounding the original arrest are certainly wild enough that they deserve another look! Although Aaron is avoiding jail time, for now, he still has to be a good boy to avoid the slammer in the future.

What Happened On That Night In 2017?

Habersham County Police Dept

Aaron’s issues actually did not start in a routine traffic stop. Instead, a “concerned citizen” called 9-1-1 on Carter, potentially not even knowing it was him. What the 9-1-1 caller did see was a car that was driving all over a Georgia road that night. Carter was the man driving the car with then girlfriend Madison Parker in the passenger’s seat. Carter was taken into custody and that’s how we got that infamous mug shot! At the time Carter took to Twitter to complain that he was being targeted by the police for being a celebrity.

The Cops Say They Didn’t Know Who He Was

We have to say that the original tweet that Carter put out about being targeted because he was a celebrity no longer exists. The reason why he may have felt targeted could be because he was “forcefully” apprehend by the police. Around that time Habersham County Sheriff’s Capt. Floyd Canup did address Carter’s claims that he was being targeted for being a celebrity. Saying to the Post,

“Deputies didn’t know his name, didn’t know he was a celebrity until well after the fact.”

What’s Aaron’s Punishment For The Ordeal?

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Although he’s avoiding jail there are still a couple of things that he must do to be able to put this situation fully behind him. For one Aaron’s going to be on probation for 12 months. If even a slight offense takes place in that time frame he’ll probably find himself behind bars. He also has to complete 40 hours of community service. He’s going to be subjected to drug and alcohol random testing. Failing those could also be an issue. Finally, he has to attend DUI risk reduction classes and pay 1500 in court fees, and fines.

Looking To Move Past The Issue

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Those late 2010s were a wild time. It’s safe to say that Aaron was having “Aaron’s party”, quite often in those years. He was also involved in a pretty outrageous love triangle that involved face tattoos. Those are two things that you probably don’t want to mix! These days, though, he and his fiancée Melanie Martin are about a month out from welcoming their first child. It seems like a perfect time for Aaron to get his life back in order!

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