Alyssa Scott ‘Cannot Believe’ She Is Still Pregnant In New ‘Bumpdate’

Fans may have expected that the next update from Alyssa Scott would be announcing her new baby, but no, she’s still pregnant.

The model announced her pregnancy in October with lovely pictures showing her baby bump. Later, it was revealed that Nick Cannon was the father of the forthcoming baby.

This forthcoming baby would make the singer a mother of two, having had a daughter Zeela, from a former relationship. However, this is not the first child she has with the “Wild n’ Out” host, as last year, they lost their Son Zen to a terminal illness. 

Although the model didn’t inform fans of her due date, she started a countdown to her delivery date. However, in a recent update from her, she expressed that she couldn’t believe she was still pregnant.

Alyssa Scott Updated That She Is Still Pregnant!

In a video update shared on Instagram Story, the mom-of-one expressed her shock at still being pregnant. “Well, quick bumpdate—still pregnant,” the model declared. “I cannot believe it.” The video showed her rocking a white crop top and leggings showing her belly.

Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon in maternity shoot

The expectant mom further detailed that she had tried to induce labor saying, “I got swept a few days ago thinking that would get things going, but it didn’t.“

She continued saying, “It worked really well with Zeela. I had her that night, but here we are. This is gonna be a big baby.”

Again, she expressed that she couldn’t believe that she was still pregnant. In the caption, she declared that she has “officially been pregnant all year” before asking fans to send her “delivery energy..”

Although she can’t wait to carry her new baby, she noted that she loved this pregnancy. She shared another video of her smiling as she caressed her bump. Captioning the clip, she wrote, “Even with the discomfort and anticipation… I have enjoyed this pregnancy more than I can say,” she wrote. “I feel so blessed to be given this gift.”

Scott Began The Countdown To Her Baby’s Arrival

We assume that fans also can’t believe the baby isn’t here yet, as a few weeks ago, the singer announced that it was the last days of her pregnancy.

As we previously reported, the fashion model shared a carousel of pictures featuring her baby daddy while eagerly announcing her anticipation for her baby. In the snaps, she looked stunning in a black lace dress that flowed to the ground. She was in the company of the tv-host who held her in an embrace. 

Cannon also matched the color theme for the shoot. He looked dashing, dressed in a black tuxedo. The tv-personality cradled his baby mama’s big belly while the special moment was captured in a field of grasses surrounded by white roses. 

Scott captioned the post, writing, “the final days 🤍.” Following this was another post where Scott changed her outfit, bearing a resemblance to the former, but this particular outfit was transparent and featured a turtle neck. For the pose, the duo sat on the lawn with the comedian embracing Scott from behind.

The last upload featured only the model, and she wrote in the caption, “The next time I post, he or she will be here! Thank you to everyone who is following along with love and compassion for my journey.”

The “Masked Singer” Host Praised The Model For Being Strong, Following The Death Of Their Son

As mentioned above, Cannon and Scott lost their five-month-old son to brain cancer last year. After this sad loss, the tv host expressed how he felt over the loss, declaring Scott to be the strongest woman.

Per The Blast, the actor revealed that they had noticed that the little boy had a larger-than-normal head size, which prompted them to take him to the doctor. In Cannon’s words, “He had this interesting breathing, and by the time he was two months old, I noticed… he had this nice sized head, I called it a “Cannon head.” 

He continued, “We didn’t think anything of it; he had a normal Cannon head. But I wanted to take him to the doctor to get the breathing and the sinus thing checked out. We thought it would be a routine process.”

Sadly, doctors discovered fluid in Zen’s head and a malignant tumor. Despite an attempt to salvage the situation and a shunt to drain the fluid, Zen’s health worsened, and the tumor began to grow. Unfortunately, the little boy passed on, causing both parents to suffer grief. The actor praised Scott for the strength she showed bearing the loss. 

“Zen’s mom, Alyssa, was just the strongest woman I’ve ever seen,” Cannon said. “Never argued, never was angry. Was emotional when she needed to be, but always the best mom, and continues to be the best mom.”

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