Amal Clooney Demanding George Shave His ‘Gross’ Beard?

Not A Hair Came Between George And Amal Clooney, Here’s The Truth

The paper’s story made it seem like the family was “divided” by the actor’s facial hair, but in reality that was never the case. From Gossip Cop’s investigation, the Enquirer’s story just came off as another attempt to cause drama between George and Amal Clooney. For further clarification, we ran the story by a source close to the couple who dismissed it. In regards to the couple’s relationship, the two are still very much together, which is a narrative we’ve corrected more times than we’d like to count. Besides, the couple have been married for six years and George clooney has often had a beard over that time, are we to believe it’s only now that Amal thinks it’s “gross”? What a silly report.

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