Amal Clooney In An Uproar Over Jennifer Aniston’s Flirting With George?

Is Amal Clooney worried George Clooney is getting a little too close to Jennifer Aniston? One tabloid claims Aniston has pushed Amal “to the brink” with her constant flirting. Let’s check in on the couple.

Amal Clooney ‘Stomps Out’ Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Secret Crush’?

“Amal Loony Over Jen’s Yen For Clooney!” exclaims the headline of a recent National Enquirer article. According to the tabloid, Jennifer Aniston is crushing hard on George Clooney, and Amal isn’t having it. Apparently, Aniston has had the hots for George for years, and Amal wants to them away from each other at all costs. “Amal went out of her way to avoid spending time with Jen this past summer because, quite frankly, she finds her over-friendly towards her husband!” an insider dishes.

“She trusts there’s zero chance of Jen and George actually hooking up, but they have a real cliquey vibe when they hang out. Amal often finds herself on the outside of their Hollywood conversations,” says the source. “Now Jen’s going all out to get George on her new show and making quips about wanting to date him! Amal thinks that’s disrespectful. She’s too classy to confront Jen over it but she’s basically freezing Jen our of their social scene, whether George and Jen like it or not!”

Jennifer Aniston Wants To Work With George Clooney?

The tabloid concedes that Aniston’s rep has denied the rumor, but pushes forward, citing a recent interview as evidence. In a joint interview with Today, Witherspoon suggested getting George on the next season of The Morning Show. Aniston was in complete support of the idea, exclaiming, “We need to get him on the show!” and adding, “I think that is what next year’s season is going to be about.”

An insider tells the tabloid, “Jen would tell anyone who calls her out that this is a harmless friendship and if Amal’s offended she needs to get over herself. But the bottom line is Jen’s not calling the shots here, and it’s hard to see her being invited back into the Clooney circle any time soon.”

Amal Clooney ‘Bans’ George From Socializing With Jennifer Aniston?

While it’s no secret that George and Aniston are old friends, we seriously doubt Aniston is causing any trouble in his and Amal’s marriage. First of all, Aniston was completely joking about getting George on her show. In the full interview, the reporter asked Aniston and Witherspoon if they had considered adding an entertainment reporter to their fictional news team in The Morning Show.

Aniston then responded, “We’ve actually thought about that. We wanted to bring that up but we thought, ‘Ooh, that would be too meta to have an actual person to come on and promote a movie.’” That was when Witherspoon jokingly suggested they get George on for the next season. This prompted Aniston and Witherspoon to play out the idea for fun. But it was abundantly clear they had no plans to ask George to join their show.

And since Clooney currently lives in Italy and Aniston is based in California, it’s hard to see how they’d be socializing in the first place. There simply isn’t a shred of evidence for Aniston’s alleged out-of-control “flirting” with George. Besides, Aniston recently revealed that if she dates again, she’d like to see someone who isn’t a public figure — and who’s more A-list than George Clooney? It’s obvious there was no story here and the tabloid just wanted to stir up trouble for the Clooney family.

The Tabloid On George And Amal Clooney

But we wouldn’t take anything the National Enquirer says about the Clooneys seriously. Not too long ago, the tabloid claimed Amal was worried about George’s “chemistry” with Julia Roberts. Then the outlet reported George and Amal were “butting heads” while in lockdown. The magazine even alleged Amal had forced George to stop drinking. Clearly, the Enquirer can’t be trusted when it comes to the Clooneys.

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