Amazon’s Jack Reacher TV Show Will Adapt One Book Every Season

Heroic nomad Jack Reacher will soon return to screens in Amazon’s upcoming series, and this time the character will look a lot more like fans of Lee Child’s books expect. Alan Ritchson will play the iconic literary character in the Jack Reacher TV Show, with the actor now revealing the approach that is being taken with adapting the long-running franchise.

” I don’t know how much I can say. I’ll say that we’re gonna be doing a book a season, so the first season will be the first book. I think that’s such a great way to do this. I can see why it’d be exciting as a film, but the slow burn is what I love so much about the books. The way that he goes down the checklist and picks apart these cases, you need time. It’s okay to enjoy that. I think spending a season on each book is gonna be really enjoyable for audiences.”

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While Alan Ritchson was not able to give too much away, the idea of doing a book a season is a solid one and should give the show enough time to properly unpack each story and all the complex plotting and slow burns within. It also sounds like Jack Reacher will start with the first book, 1997’s Killing Floor, and go from there, adapting each book in turn, which should give Ritchson the opportunity to build the character organically.

Cast in September last year, Ritchson is a great choice for Reacher and comes very close to matching the character’s physical attributes. Certainly a lot closer than some previous iterations…The actor though has now provided some details on the casting process, revealing that he did not initially win the part. “It’s funny, I actually didn’t get the role at first. I’m not exactly six foot five and I’m not exactly 250, and I had heard that they were being very specific with their physical demands. After working with Tom Cruise and a lot of fans being upset that he didn’t really have the physicality, as great as he was in the role, they really wanted to get that right,” Ritchson said. The actor was convinced that the studio would go with “someone like Dwayne Johnson,” saying his “take on it was a little different than what they had in mind, at the time.”

Eventually though they came back around to Ritchson; “There was a shake-up with who was casting, so they started again from scratch, and I’d already been passed on, as had everybody who did an audition. But when they came back around, they picked a few tapes that they’d seen already, and I was one of them, so they wanted me to come back and try again, and it worked out. The closer I got to that, the more familiar I became with the Reacher stuff.”

Ritchson is clearly ready to put his all into the role of Jack Reacher for Amazon Prime, saying, “I’ve really fallen in love. I’ve read the books now and Reacher has some big shoes to fill, metaphorically speaking. I’m just so thrilled to be a part of it. It’s my favorite character that I’ve played yet.”

Amazon’s Jack Reacher will be based on the popular book franchise by British author Lee Child, which follows the titular character, a former US Army Major, who doles out vigilante justice in his escapades across the United States and Europe. This comes to us from Collider.

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