‘Animal Control’ Scores Second Season Pickup From FOX

The new FOX sitcom, “Animal Control,” will be coming back for more in Season 2. FOX Entertainment confirmed the news Wednesday (May 10), with FOX Entertainment President of Scripted Programming Michael Thorn issuing the announcement. The workplace comedy, starring Joel McHale (“Community”), is the first wholly-owned live-action comedy for FOX Entertainment.

The Comedy Club FOX account also issued the announcement on social media below:

‘Animal Control’ With Joel McHale Gets Season 2 Pickup From FOX

According to a press release from FOX Entertainment, the show launched as the network’s most-streamed scripted debut ever and the most-watched comedy series of the season to date.

Speaking on the news via a press release, Thorn commented, “We are thrilled our viewers have responded to Animal Control as much as we did.” He continued, “The incredibly talented ensemble cast, led by Joel McHale, along with our creative team, Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg, Dan Sterling, and Tad Quill – not to mention a menagerie of wild animal method actors — have delivered a hilarious series that is sharp, witty, and warm, week after week.”

Community Star Joel McHale

The series follows a group of local Animal Control workers in the Seattle area. While the lives of animals might be simple, theirs are more complicated. McHale headlines the show as Frank, a jaded and opinionated Animal Control officer. Frank is a former police officer who was disgraced for trying to expose corruption in his department, making him very cynical and curmudgeonly. However, he does have an affinity for understanding animals, but he has trouble connecting with humans.

At the start of the season, Frank is paired with the optimistic and friendly Fred “Shred” Taylor (Michael Rowland), a former X Games snowboarder who is switching careers after a career-ending injury. Unfortunately, Shred’s chipper and friendly nature annoys Frank and crimps his style. Much to Frank’s chagrin, Shred is constantly trying to bond with him as his partner.

The series is created by Bob Fisher (“Wedding Crashers,” “The Moodys”), Rob Greenberg (“Frasier,” “How I Met Your Mother”), and Dan Sterling (“The Interview,” “Girls,” “The Office,” “King of the Hill”). Fisher, Greenberg, and Sterling also serve as executive producers with Tad Quill and McHale. It also stars Vella Lovell as Emily Price, Ravi Patel as Amit Patel, and Grace Palmer as Victoria Sands.

FOX pushed the series’ popularity via streaming platforms, with the show averaging 4.7 million multi-platform viewers, noting a lift of +236% from Live + Same Day viewing. In years past, that might not have been enough to save a show from getting the axe, but now it appears networks and corporations are willing to look at streaming metrics when it comes to bringing back a show such as this.

The show’s first season finale aired last week, with Frank and his department mourning the death of C-38, a wild mountain lion that Frank previously risked his job to protect. Shred also broke it off with his long-distance relationship girlfriend due to his having feelings for department director Emily. However, Shred missed his window as Emily began dating Rick Doyle, her immediate predecessor, at the end of the season.

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As previously reported by The Blast, McHale is also one of the original cast members of “Community” confirmed to return for the upcoming movie being made for Peacock. The movie was announced last year but does not yet have an official release date.

“Animal Control” currently airs Thursday nights on FOX. The first season is available to stream now on Hulu and FOX website.

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