Anne Heche’s Activities Prior To Car Crash May Have Been REVEALED!

New updates have dropped in light of Anne Heche‘s recent car crashes.

The actress and director allegedly enjoyed some alcohol some hours before her high-speed crashes occurred on Friday, August 5. 

The “Six Days, Seven Nights” actress is lucky to have survived the accidents, with some severe burns as evidence.

Anne Heche Could Have Been Drunk Before Crash

Anne Heche at the DGA Awards in Beverly Hills

The puzzle around the two crashes involving Heche seems to be coming together.

In a new update from TMZ, the actress mentioned drinking wine and vodka following a “rocky” day during an episode of her “Better Together” podcast.

The podcast, released on the same day of the accident, had Heche recounting how people had interrupted her meditation at her apartment building.

The “Donnie Brasco” actress also acknowledged that she had been drinking heavily during the show.

She even joked that fans would have to keep their “fingers crossed” for her and her co-host, Heather Duffy, to finish the recording.

Although she refused to reveal what was troubling her, the actress claimed that she had been suffering through some “very bad days.”

The media outlet added that the crash was bound to happen because the 53-year-old was reportedly speeding down other residential streets not too long before it happened.

In a video obtained by the entertainment website, somebody who looks like Heche is seen racing down a quiet back road in a Venice Beach neighborhood in her blue Mini Cooper.

The source, who sent the clip, claimed that it was the third time the “Dancing with the Stars” alum had driven on that street.

The source further revealed that during her second trip on the road, people screamed at her to slow down.

The actress’s high-speed video was slowed down to show her looking flustered as she leaned forward and gripped the wheel. 

An earlier picture captured on the same day showed the screen goddess looking the same way, along with a bottle in the front with her.

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Although it is still unclear what Heche’s condition is after the crash, The Blast has reported that she has some severe burns.

In the video showing the accident, the “Another World” star could be seen driving uncoordinatedly down a residential street before crashing into a Los Angeles home, triggering the fire that caused burns on her.

The accident came shortly after she sped off from her initial crash into an apartment complex’s garage.

The impacts happened a bit after noon in the Mar Vista area of L.A., where eyewitnesses could narrate what occurred.  

The said witnesses mentioned that after Heche’s car collided with the apartment complex’s garage, they attempted to get her out of the vehicle, but she reversed the car and sped off.

Not long after that incident, the “Cedar Rapids” actress smashed into the home mentioned above, igniting a blaze that razed the building to the ground. Her car was also completely wrecked by the fire.

The blond bombshell appeared to have suffered extreme burns from the inferno as her clothes looked charred in the video.

Heche was whisked away on a stretcher covered in a white cloth. She was also seen suddenly sitting up and thrashing wildly as first responders placed her in the ambulance.

While she is expected to survive the trauma and is recovering in the hospital “intubated,” doctors could not carry out tests to ascertain if she had any alcohol in her system due to her critical condition. 

A closer look at the incident’s video would show a red-capped bottle in the cupholder next to the gearshift of Mini Cooper. Many have assumed that the bottle contained alcohol.

The severity of the 53-year-old’s car crash caused the Los Angeles Fire Department to make a second report of the same incident. The report, which showed how extensive the fire was in the home, read:

“Solo passenger vehicle struck and came to rest well within a 738 square foot two-story home (built 1952), causing structural compromise and erupting in heavy fire prior to LAFD arrival.”

The statement added that it took 59 firefighters a little over an hour to “access, confine, and fully extinguish” the flames within the damaged home and rescue the female adult — presumably Heche — found in the vehicle.

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