Apparently, This Recognizable Gen X Icon Has Already Been Forgotten On ‘Jeopardy!’

A recent Jeopardy! episode had some viewers feeling their age after all three contestants drew a blank when it came time to identify a photograph of this iconic ‘80s horror movie location. 

The contestants were asked to answer clues about “Scary Movies,” which included popular horror movies like Get Out, Wicker Man, and Nosferatu. The players breezed through most of the clues, but a photo of a very familiar house tripped them all up. 

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“In 1984, a house in Hollywood got the cinematic address ‘1428 This’ for the first time,” host Ken Jennings read while a picture of the house was shown on screen. None of the contestants attempted to answer the clue. 

“That’s ‘1428 Elm Street’ of Nightmare fame,” Jennings revealed, referring to the iconic Nightmare on Elm Street movies. The players might not have gotten the answer, but plenty of Gen Xers recognized the house immediately. The house is a significant part of the first movie. It’s where main character Nancy Thompson lives and is stalked by Freddy Kreuger in her dreams. 

Is 1428 Elm Street A Real House?

As it turns out, 1428 Elm Street is a real house in Hollywood, located at 1428 N. Genesee Ave. Strangely enough, the house is actually right across the street from the location used for Johnny Depp’s character Glen’s home, just as it’s supposed to be in the movie. The house has become so recognizable among horror fans that Universal Studios even built a replica of 1428 Elm Street for their famous studio tour. 

Freddy Krueger isn’t the only famous face to hang out at the house. Comedian Bo Burnham actually used 1428 N Genesee Ave as the location for his hit Netflix special Inside. The house is essentially unchanged from its days as an ‘80s horror movie landmark, but the interior has been renovated. The house was recently sold for $2.98 million. 
The Nightmare on Elm Street movies were part of one of the biggest horror franchises of the 80s and are still popular today. Even though none of the Jeopardy! contestants recognized the house, plenty of viewers around the world knew exactly who lived at 1428 Elm Street.

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