Are ‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Kyle and Deepti Officially A Couple?

Are Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams from “Love Is Blind” season 2 a couple? As many people suspected they were an official couple since shortly after the finale aired, there was no confirmation, that is until today. Now that “Love Is Blind: After The Alter” has premiered on Netflix, and viewers got to see where everyone is now, the time was right for the two to acknowledge their relationship. Abrams recently spilled the relationship tea to TODAY.

Kyle Abrams
Kyle Abrams – Instagram

The Couple Became Besties Before Taking “That Leap”

“People don’t understand that we’ve been talking nonstop for two years,” Abrams said. He continued by explaining that they’ve been hanging out nearly every day since filming ended and have become “really good friends.” “The problem with dating your best friend is that when you break up, you lose your best friend,” he said. “It was tough to take that leap.” The friends eventually decided to take that leap and venture into a romantic relationship. According to Abrams, they may have taken a bit longer to “define the relationship” if it wasn’t for the three-episode reunion. “It would’ve taken a lot longer. I’m not one to rush into a relationship,” he explained. “This was the right opportunity.”

Deepti Vempati
Deepti Vempati – Instagram

Their Relationship Began In The Pods And Grew After The Show Ended

Abrams explained that their relationship began way back in the pods. And while they both ended up getting engaged to other people while on the show, they were close to choosing each other. “We got really near the end of it was kind of between me and Shake for her,” he said. Both of their relationships from the show ended up not working out. Abrams was engaged to Shaina Hurley who recently married Christos Lardakis (who was not on the show), and Vempati was engaged to Shake Chatterjee.

Abrams said that he and Vempati are just really compatible. “She is one of the funniest people I know. Just talking to her is so much fun,” he explained. “She has so much insight. That’s ultimately what I think dating and life is about: How you get along. And I get along with her so well. She’s somebody I want to be with all the time.”

The couple have posted pics and videos of each other throughout their friendship making people wonder if they were a couple for a while. Abrams recently posted a teaser video on Instagram to get people hyped about the reunion special captioned, “Today should be interesting📺.”

Abrams’ Instagram Followers Are Loving This Union

His followers were excited for the new couple and had supportive things to say about the news of the two being officially together.

“I want a status update on you and Deeps! Pleaseeee❤️❤️”


“I’m watching you and Deeps right now … having the “highlighter” conversation … 😍 you both are so adorable together ❤️ 😍”

“You guys are a great couple. You love each other so beautifully 😍😍❤️❤️😍”

“I loved your time on the balcony! I’ve never smiled and been so happy and excited for two strangers more than I was watching the both of you!!!! Yay ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

” I have never wanted two people on a reality show to be happy, with or without each other than I do for you both. You both are authentic, unapologetic, vulnerable, and kind. Cheering you both on from afar and wishing for nothing less than partners that appreciate the diamonds that you both are.”

Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams
Deepti Vempati – Instagram

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