Ariana Grande’s Early Instagram Posts Look So Different From The Star Today

It’s hard to believe that Ariana Grande burst onto the scene at only 17-years-old, and even more surprising that she is already 27! The Nickelodeon actress turn Billboard-topping artist has become known for her impressive four-octave vocal range and signature style and continues to set herself apart as a strong, seductive woman in the music scene.

There’s an inherent fascination in revisiting stars as their pasts selves and seeing just how far they come and how different they may or may not look over the years. Speaking to that inner curiosity, one TikToker has been going to the celeb’s official Instagram accounts and scrolling all the way to the bottom to see what their very first posts were. She recently curated Grande’s account, and we have to say, it’s so much fun to take a trip down memory lane.

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