Baby Yoda Hitches a Ride with SpaceX Crew for Historic Launch

Baby Yoda is currently in outer space with the SpaceX Crew-1 after the historic launch. The Mandalorian star is aboard the company’s spacecraft as it heads toward the International Space Station. The inclusion of the Child is in line with a long tradition in the history spaceflight. The Child represents the zero-gravity indicator, or “zero G indicator,” which is a small object that is used to determine when the spacecraft is in orbit and out of range from the Earth’s gravitational pull.

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Video footage of when the SpaceX team hit the microgravity environment has been released, and one can easily see Baby Yoda start to float around the spacecraft. Along with the Child, astronauts include Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Shannon Walker, along with JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguch. “We’ve got Baby Yoda on board trying to take a seat right now,” NASA’s communications specialist Leah Cheshier during the livestream of the mission. They are on their way to the International Space Station where they will stay for the next six months. The historic event marks NASA’s first operational commercial crew mission and the first time that The Mandalorian merchandise has made it to outer space.

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The Mandalorian season 2 is currently underway with episode 4 debuting this week.Star Wars fans have been treated to another side of the Child’s mischievous personality, which has shocked a handful of fans. In episode 2, the baby toddler was seen munching on the Frog Lady’s eggs, along with snow spiders and going off on his own. The adorable creature has Force powers, but has not yet harnessed them yet, which puts him in continuous danger, just like a real life toddler walking around with a bounty hunter in random galaxies.

The SpaceX attention will probably put Baby Yoda merchandise back in high demand. In order to keep the Child a secret, Lucasfilm and Disney did not make any merchandise ahead of time. The Mandalorian products were available at the show’s launch, but the Child was not included, which saw a high demand for any product with the character’s likeness, leading to bootlegs and other unauthorized material flooding the market place. Now, it’s pretty easy to walk into a store and pull a Baby Yoda off of the shelf or order one online, though that could all change when the SpaceX footage starts to spread out further.

The Mandalorian has become the biggest thing to come out of the Star Wars franchise in years. The Child has stolen all of the thunder from the heavily divisive sequel trilogy, which just wrapped up last year. For many hardcore fans, the live-action Disney+ series continues the spirit of the original movies from the late 1970s and early 1980s, while breaking new ground at the same time. Now, they can all boast that Baby Yoda is in outer space with NASA. You can check out footage of Baby Yoda hitting zero gravity above, thanks to the Video From Space YouTube channel.

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