‘BB24’ Winner Taylor Hale Declares New Beau People’s Sexiest Man, Fans Agree

Chris Evans, please stand aside for a minute; Taylor Hale is telling everyone what she thinks of her man’s sexiness.

After sweeping all available cash prizes in season 24 of “Big Brother,” the 27-year-old also scored a now public romantic relationship from the show. Now, the former beauty pageant titleholder had taken her obsession with her new man to the next level when she gushed about his sexiness. 

Taylor Hale Declares Beau Joseph Abdin Sexist Man Alive

Taylor Hale's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Taylor Hale

The model showed that she is not afraid of thirsting for her man in public. She did this when her heartthrob fellow “BB24” co-star Joseph Abdin posted a picture of himself in a bathrobe. 

With the perfect amount of sunlight and ocean view in the background, he left the front of the robe open to showcase his smooth skin and hard rock abs as he stared intensely into the camera.

As the “Good Morning [sun emoji],” captioned post suggests, Abdin’s smoldering eyes caused his girlfriend to swoon as she rushed to his comments and gush, “listen, @people, we need to reevaluate your sexiest man decision.” 

Her opinion seemed to be popular as fans and followers alike dropped comments like “agreed,” “girl yes,” and some even noted how the current celebrity on the cover she was referring to could not compete with Abdin’s beauty. 

Another jokingly agreed and then pointed out that she was turning on her celebrity crush because of her man, while one person told her to speak it into existence. Others included, “I agree! i was waiting for you to say it, so i didn’t have to,” “no lies,” “yes with all the s = sexy, supportive, sensational, suave, sweet, strong, and sincere.” 

Another supportive follower also wrote, “agree, have they ever had a middle eastern man on the cover,” “I think it’s time we had that discussion tbh [fire emoji].”

The comment section of Joshep Abdin's Instagram post
Instagram | Joshep Abdin

Their relationship is extraordinary, as viewers who watched the show were aware of their chemistry and connection as housemates. It, therefore, came as no surprise when The Blast shared that fans were excited when the bombshell announced that they were officially dating. 

Speaking of her boyfriend, the 27-year-old said to PEOPLE, “My connection with Joseph has been undeniable, and I knew from the moment he kissed me on finale night that we’d find a way to be together.” 

She mentioned exceptional qualities about Abdin, including how his heart rivaled the size of the galaxy and that they now had the privilege of sharing their hearts with each other. The former pageant contestant concluded, “I love him so much – I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.” 

In turn, the 25-year-old spoke about Hale during the media chat and how he knew she was special from the moment he met her. He added, “Our spark started within the show, and we decided to wait until after the game.” 

He noted that since leaving the show, they got much closer, which confirmed what they knew already. He likened their experience so far to a rollercoaster but shared that he would not want to do it with anyone else. 

Joseph Abdin's post on his Instagram page
Instagram | Joseph Abdin

The young lawyer called her a remarkable woman and ended by saying, “I am so grateful to call mine. She may have won Big Brother, but I won so much more.”

Who Is The Big Brother Former Housemate Joseph Abdin? 

Fans got to know the dark-haired hottie as he appeared on the hit reality TV series and, later, as the show winner’s man. TV Over Mind shared details about the dreamy-eyed star on the show and off.

Despite his young age, he looks like he has a bright future in the industry based on his stellar performance in the series. At first, he came on the show as a replacement, an alternate, known for someone who is not really a part of the show.

He is suspected of replacing someone called Marvin, who might have had conflicting schedules and could not film “Big Brother.” The second is that he is an attorney, although the type of law he practices is unknown.

Born and raised in Florida, he grew up in the small area of Lake Worth, where he probably learned the art of being a great team player. As an avid fitness fan, it is expected that he would love food.

The budding star mentioned that always eating was something his housemates disliked about him. This guru does everything from yoga to weightlifting, including secluding himself to meditate.

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