Ben Savage Says New ‘Boy Meets World’ Podcast ‘Not For Me’

There’s nothing like a big nostalgia trip to bring old friends together!

Recently, the crew from the beloved millennial TGIF staple sitcom “Boy Meets World” reunited to relive their days on the show through a new podcast, “Pod Meets World.” Danielle Fischel, Will Friedle, and Ryder Strong launched the nostalgia-fueled podcast earlier this week.

However, there is a central member of “Boy Meets World’s” signature friend group who isn’t sitting behind a mic: Corey Matthews, himself.

Ben Savage brought Corey to life, playing the precocious character as he grew up throughout the gang’s middle school years and all the way up to adulthood, as Corey and his best friend Shawn, (Friedle), and Corey’s long-time love Topanga (Fischel) navigated their college graduation and the evolving relationships in their lives; Corey and Topanga famously tied the knot after Topanga popped the question at their high school graduation!

Now, nearly 25 years after the series wrapped production, Savage is looking ahead instead of stepping back into Corey’s shoes.

Inside Savage’s Decision

There’s no need to get Mr. Feeney to help the gang restore their friendship; there is no bad blood between Savage, 45, and his co-stars.

Savage’s TV wife recently revealed the process she and her “Boy Meets World” men went through in developing the podcast and bringing it to life, and why Savage ultimately decided to sit on the sidelines.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Fishel shared Savage had initially been a part of the show’s development process.

“We’ve been talking about this podcast since 2019,” she began, “It was Rider’s idea. When we brought it up, we talked about it all, the four of us. It was something we were all back and forth. What’s the best way to do it, because that was before ‘The Office Ladies.’ It was before this was its own genre.” Fischel was referring to the massively successful podcast from “The Office’s” Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, where the duo rewatches and reminisces about the series.

Savage realized he had wanted to gracefully bow out of the project while the foursome was still contemplating the general feel of the podcast.

“And so we talked about all of the different ways we could do it,” Fischel continued on with Us Weekly, “And at the end of our conversations, Ben said, ‘I just don’t think it’s for me.’

The “Pod Meets World” gang weren’t sweating their long-time friend’s choice not to step in as a host. Fischel also went on to express the gang’s understanding of Savage’s clarity. She also revealed the hosting crew is feeling respectful of his choice, as well.

“And if he eventually wants to come on,” she said, “we’ll leave that door open.”

‘Boy Meets Fame’: How The Cast Stayed Grounded As Famous Teens

The Blast recently caught up with Fishel and Friedle, and the duo provided compelling insight into what it was like to be famous faces during the series’ heyday in the nineties, and why forgoing a potential reboot of the show featuring the cast members reprising their roles as their original characters, feels best for the gang.

When asked about any plans for a reboot in the future, Fishel shared, “I think the thing we have talked about and the thing that interests us most is the idea of not in any way rebooting the show because the show was done and was beloved and we are not going to top that, but possibly rebooting our cast. And so, taking a brand new idea but with faces you know and love, but putting them in different characters, and giving us the ability to play totally different characters. And seeing if that would interest people. I know that people love our characters, but would they also love something else where we got to have some fun.”

Friedle and Fishel also discussed how they both were able to maintain a sense of level-headedness during the series’ original run.

Friedle shared, “I can tell you that it was how I was raised, that is how we were all raised, if you came from that type of family, I said something egotistical one time and my brothers picked me up and flushed my head in the toilet. That really happened, that is not even a joke. So that type of stuff didn’t fly in my family, you had to be grounded.”

Fischel echoed her co-star’s sentiment about having a close-knit family to help ground her.

She said, “I think the way our families raised us definitely played a part but I think a lot of it was if I had to grow up today with social media the way it is, I don’t know if I would have kept my feet on the ground, I didn’t have and I wasn’t chasing ‘likes…”

“Pod Meets World” is now streaming!

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