Bet You Didn’t Know The Mayo Sitting In The Back Of Your Fridge Could Do This

Most of us know that common household products like vinegar and baking soda have a plethora of uses around the house. You can make a DIY spray with vinegar to clean sinks, countertops, and other surfaces. And baking soda is also a good cleaner and odor neutralizer.

But there are other unsuspecting items in your home that have more than their original intended use. For example, you can use expired spices to nourish plants or act as a natural bug repellant, while a humble dryer sheet can tame flyaways or even sharpen scissors. Even food can be used for things other than sustenance. We’ve shown you how to use onions to clean your grill and beautify your hair, while leftover water from boiling potatoes can help you out in the garden.

There’s another unassuming product in your refrigerator that has plenty of uses. From cleaning stainless steel to conditioning your hair, there are a surprising number of things you can do with this spread. What is it you ask? Mayo, of course!

1. Clean Crayon From Walls

If you have children in your life, you’ve likely encountered this predicament. But if your walls are painted, then mayo should easily erase stubborn crayon marks. Rub the mayo onto the mark and let it sit for about 10 minutes. After letting it sit, grab a clean microfiber towel to wipe it off.

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2. Clean Stainless Steel

Use mayo on your stainless steel appliances to make them shine. Simply apply a thin coat of mayo to your refrigerator or dishwasher and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.

3. Make A Hair Mask

If you have really dry or damaged hair, a mayo hair mask may be what you need for shiny and stronger hair. Just coat your tresses with the condiment, leave for 20-30 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse.

4. Erase Water Rings From Wood

You can remove water rings with a dab of mayo and a clean cloth. Make sure the table is clean and dry, then smear the mayo onto the spot. You may want to spot test in an inconspicuous place first if the piece of furniture is expensive. Wipe off the mayo after a few hours or leave it overnight.

5. Remove Dead Skin

Dry skin can be a nuisance, but if you don’t mind the unconventional scent, mayo can be an economical solution. Place a little bit on rough, dead skin, leave for about 10 minutes, then wipe away with a washcloth.

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