Betty White Would Be Amazed By How Many Fans Took Part In The Betty White Challenge!

Actress Betty White would have loved to see all the good that was being done in her name!

Monday, January 17, was supposed to be Betty White’s 100th birthday. Unfortunately, she passed away on New Year’s Eve at the age of 99. She had suffered a stroke shortly before her death and died a few days later. Reports indicate that she passed peacefully in her sleep.

Fans Celebrate The Late ‘Golden Girls’ Actress With The Betty White Challenge

Betty White's Cause Of Death Revealed: Suffered Stroke 6 Days Before DeathBetty White's Cause Of Death Revealed: Suffered Stroke 6 Days Before Death

To celebrate Betty White’s birthday, fans have decided to honor Betty’s love of animals. Betty White loved animals so much that she even secretly rescued animals during Hurricane Katrina! In her honor, fans have taken up her cause and created the #BettyWhiteChallenge.

The Betty White Challenge reads: “On Betty White’s birthday, January 17th, everyone should pick a local rescue or animal shelter in your area and donate just $5 in Betty White’s name. Make her 100th birthday the moment she deserves.”

The Blast previously listed some reputable organizations to donate to, and throughout the day, Twitter was flooded with tweets from people who took part in the Betty White Challenge! Here are just a few of the generous fans who participated!

Generous Fans Donate To The Betty White Challenge

Local Shelter ‘Blown Away’ By Over $4,000 Dollars In Donations!

Local Shelter Expands With Helps From Generous Fan Donations!

Will The Betty White Challenge Become An Annual Event?

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