Beyonce Gives A Sultry Peak Up Skirt In Stunning Wrap Dress

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Beyonce‘s recent Instagram post nearly broke the internet, as the singer is continuously looking flawless on the social media platform. Rocking an outfit inspired by an Old Hollywood look, Beyonce stunned her over 200 million followers and fans on Instagram. So, let’s check out what the ‘Halo’ singer wore!

Beyonce’s Glamorous Old Hollywood Look

About a week ago, Beyonce stunned her fans with a series of photos. As usual, the singer’s look immediately caught your attention. As she posed on the steps of Harry’s Bar in Venice, Beyonce was all business in a green silk gown accompanied with a hip-high leg slit and a low-cut neckline. Based on her Instagram post, Beyonce wanted to draw all the attention to the leg slit, as she posed in a way that gave fans a look at her toned legs. 

In addition to the unique gown, Beyonce also sported an incredible diamond necklace studded with matching emerald accents, a gold clutch, and one-of-a-kind gold heels. However, her outfit wasn’t the only piece of beauty the post included. In the series of photos, Beyonce shot a sultry look into the camera, accentuating her perfect makeup. The singer wore a bold rep lipstick as she let her caramel-brown hair fall in loose bouncy curls. From head to toe, Beyonce was shimmering, and she let the pictures do the talking for her, as she refused to write a caption for the post. 

Why Was Beyonce At Harry’s Bar In Venice? 

Lately, all of Beyonce’s Instagram posts have been filled with fashion inspiration. But this post left fans wondering why the singer was in Venice in the first place. As it turns out, Beyonce in Venice to support her husband, Jay-Z. The rapper has been working on an upcoming film entitled The Harder They Fall, which is set to release on November 3 on Netflix. Although Jay-Z isn’t pursuing an acting role in the movie, he does serve as a producer. 

The movie’s premiere comes shortly after Beyonce celebrated her 40th birthday, which she used to thank her fans and supporters. “This is the first year that I really understand what it means to be alive and to live in the moment,” Beyonce explained in a handwritten note which was posted on her website. Despite aging another year, it’s obvious Beyonce’s beauty hasn’t faded at all, and the singer will continue to bless her followers and fans with truly stunning photos. 

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