Beyoncé’s Mom Tina Lawson Drags Disney For Alleged Racism Towards ‘Black Is King’

Tina Lawson is not one to be messed with especially when it comes to her daughter Beyoncé. Lawson is the unofficial head of the beehive and this week she chose to get Disney together for their blatant lack of support for Bey’s Black Is King musical film. “I cannot help but wonder if a white man had made it would it not have been promoted the hell out of, and nominated for all kinds of awards,” wrote Lawson celebrating the one-year anniversary of the visual. The proud mom hailed the amazing accomplishment of her extremely successful daughter, but it was unfortunately shrouded in negativity.

Disney? Racist? Yikes

tina lawsontina lawson

“Could it have something to do with the title “Black Is King ”” she asked. “Is that why Disney did not promote it?????? Yes I said it!!! With love”. When it was released, Black Is King as a feast for the eyes and Lawson reminded her followers of that. “If you have not seen this movie do yourself a favor and see it! It is a beautiful feast for the eyes and ears on Disney + screen it today. It’s a masterpiece.” With all these great elements, Lawson wondered why it wasn’t treated with more respect by the Disney. “The clothing, the makeup, the hair, the cinematography, the dance. Choreography, the storytelling the music.” She described it as “stellar” and noted that it was watched and praised by millions.

Post & Delete

Beyonce Knowles Beyonce Knowles

Fans will remember that Beyoncé released Black Is King as a visual representation to the 2019 album The Lion King: The Gift it was curated by the singer for The Lion King film. Lawson being in mom mode wanted to make sure that fans knew that she thought her daughter and her art was treated poorly by Disney. The extremely honest post has since been taken down and re-posted with a more politically correct caption, “Tea Anyone? Black is King 1 year anniversary❤️” alongside a still from Black Is King featuring her and Bey sipping tea, obviously.

Disney’s Always In Hot Water

scarlett joscarlett jo

It seems like Disney is regularly wrapped in scandal. The company was also recently called out by actress Scarlett Johansson in a lawsuit where she claims that Disney’s streaming option of the film Black Widow directly affected her pay as an actress for the latest Marvel release. The company hit back accusing Johansson of being selfish and insensitive to ask for money in the middle of a pandemic. They called the lawsuit “sad and distressing” and accused her of a “callous disregard for the horrific and prolonged global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic” who knew Disney was hurting for money that bad.

The Beyhive Are On Alert


Unfortunately, for Disney, the beyhive is on alert and ready to sting if Lawson or Bey herself says the word. Bey thanked her mom in the comments and fans pointed out that their bond is so unshakeable. “That was a masterpiece, and this scene gave off vibes of regal royalty class and elegance,” shared one fan and a few others followed up by offering Lawson their services if they ever needed backup confronting the company. Disney may not be afraid of the Marvel Universe fans but they should be concerned with the beyhive.

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