BFFs Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper Engage In Heartwarming Shenanigans For Joint Birthday Tradition

Despite being best friends, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper continue to give fans the perfect relationship goals!

The TV personalities need little introduction as they are celebrated hosts with numerous achievements. Outside their careers, the pair are famous for their longtime friendship over a decade.

The pals appear to be a match made in heaven as they were born a year and a day apart. The “Watch What Happens Live!” star arrived on June 2, 1968, while the CNN news anchor came on June 3, 1967. Here is how the pair celebrated their age milestone.

Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper Mark Their Birthdays With Dinner And A Romantic Stroll

Best friends Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen

Following their joint birthday celebrations, the “Radio Andy” host took to his Instagram page to update fans about their big day. Filming himself and Cooper as they strolled down a street, enjoying the nighttime air after having dinner.

The Bravo star donned a blue dress shirt, while his friend opted for a black baseball cap and a black shirt. Unlike Cohen, the Yale University alum buttoned up properly, who loosened a few buttons for a more relaxed look.

In the opening scene, the TV producer revealed that the pair were walking down the iconic apartment building area from the “Sex and the City” franchise. “Okay, we are basically in front of Carrie Bradshaw’s house,” the 55-year-old announced, referring to the series’s main character.

“Which is where we come every year on our birthday,” the late-night talk show host continued, wrapping an arm around his pal’s shoulder. Cohen’s announcement left Cooper laughing as he asked, “Do we?” before playing along with the St. Louis native.

“This is our birthday tradition,” the “Love Connection” host continued teasing viewers before confessing it was false news. Getting honest about the adorable pair’s birthday celebration, the father of two explained they had dinner earlier that evening.

Giving himself a little pat on the back, “The Real Housewives” executive producer stated he paid for the duo’s “really nice” meal. After receiving a thank you from Cooper, Cohen continued sharing their dinner tale.

“He wouldn’t let me get a chocolate cake with a candle in it….and I said yeah, let’s be a fun blocker,” the entertainer lamented before noting that sometime during their meal, he told the CNN star, “I’m not your b*tch, don’t hang your sh*t on me.”

Although the dynamic duo could not remember the context that required such a harsh response, there was no bad blood between them as they were all smiles in the video. The clip ended with Cohen wishing Cooper a happy birthday and cheering for another successful trip around the sun.

“Gemini Twins!” the St. Louis native captioned the post, adding three birthday cake emojis alongside the hashtags: “#GoofusandGallant” and “#AC2.” The hilarious yet sweet video received thousands of likes and comments from adoring fans, who ship the pair as a couple.

“Will you two just get married already!!” someone begged, “Pop the question, one of you, please,” another person wailed. A third married supporter penned: “Adore you both and wish you’d get married!!! You LOVE one another so much!!! Just DO IT!!! Make the world a better place TOGETHER!!”

The ‘Andy Cohen Diaries’ Author Revealed He Was Up For A Threesome With His Best Friend

Weeks before their joint birthday celebration, Cohen made a shocking revelation about getting intimate with Cooper on Sherri Shepherd’s self-titled talk show, “Sherri.” According to the TV personality, he was not opposed to having a threesome with his longtime pal.

The discussion centered sexy waters when the host asked if the 55-year-old’s interest in marriage had any place for the political commentator. Without hesitating, the “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” voice actor explained that the pals could only achieve that level of intimacy with a third party.

Best friends Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen

“We could have some good threesomes, me and Anderson,” the entertainer quipped, earning loud cheers from the audience, who loved the idea. However, the St. Louis native continued: “Because that is what it would take because we are truly just friends. We are.”

The Peabody Award honoree believed the duo’s relationship was more of a brotherhood than a romantic affair. “We’ve gotten so much closer over the years, and I love him to death. And it’s also so fun being part of a duo,” Cohen explained.

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