Bianca Censori Finally Confirms Marriage To Kanye West In New Video As Fans Call Her ‘Cute’

Bianca Censori was recently spotted in a viral fan video, where she confirmed her marriage to Kanye West. The footage showed Censori talking to a person and smiling broadly. Her charisma and energy in the video have led fans to call the architect “cute,” “adorable,” and “likable.”

West and Censori surprised fans when they announced their secret wedding in January. Sources confirmed they had an intimate ceremony but have yet to file the paperwork to legalize their union.

Censori has worked with West’s Yeezy company since 2020 and is currently the Head of Architecture. The designer recently had a semi-nude shoot with duct tape for Nigerian-born designer Mowalola Ogunlesi. 

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Bianca Censori Confirms Her Marriage To Kanye West

Bianca Censori was recently featured in a viral TikTok video during a shopping trip for a new pair of shorts. In the fan video, Censori was in the hat section of a high-end store and looked very casual when the man approached her.

They had a brief conversation, where the man asked Censori if she was from the area and said he was from Chicago. He also called her “sexy” and said the designer has “good eye contact,” to which she laughed. When the man eventually asked Censori if he could get her number, she clarified that she was married.

Fans Think Censori Has Great Energy And Is ‘Cute’

Bianca Censori

On social media, fans expressed surprise at Censori’s pleasant demeanor and how she treated the stranger. One fan wrote on Twitter, “I don’t know her, but she seems so sweet.” Another wrote on the TikTok page, “She’s so cute,” while someone else commented, “She looks so different up close; she has a sweet personality, not stuck up at all.”

Another fan wrote that Censori is “stunning” and has “good energy, while more of the designer’s admirers shared comments like “I think she’s adorable, and I’m happy for her and Ye” and “Aww, she’s so cute to me.”

Bianca Censori & Kanye West Secretly Married In January

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Divorce Is Just Days Away From Settling

West surprised his fans in January when news emerged that he’d married Censori in a secret wedding. Sources spoke to TMZ and revealed that West and Censori had an intimate ceremony but are yet to file paperwork to legalize their union.

The couple’s wedding came about two months after the “Good Morning” rapper finalized his divorce from reality star Kim Kardashian, with whom he shares four kids. It’s still unclear how long West and Censori dated, but she’s worked for his Yeezy company since November 2020.

Bianca Censori

Censori is currently listed as the Head of Architecture for the Yeezy brand. She reportedly secured her position within the company after completing a Master’s in Building Design at Australia’s Melbourne University.

Since their marriage, West and Censori have been spotted together on several outings. This includes a recent fashion event, where they wore matching full face and body coverings. Their most recent spotting was at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood, where West and Censori appeared happy as they ate dinner. The Yeezy architect has also been seen on a couple of fun, bonding outings with West’s eldest daughter, North. 

She Recently Had A Viral Shoot Wearing Just Black Tape

Censors recently went viral on social media for her almost nude photoshoot with Nigerian-born fashion designer Mowalola Ogunlesi.

In the raunchy pictures shared on Ogunlesi’s brand’s Instagram account, Censori posed against an all-white backdrop. She wore thigh-high black boots, black duct tape on her chest, and even more video on her private areas. Ogunlesi’s post also included the designer’s original sketches for Censori’s outfits.

Fans heavily criticized the shoot pictures on Instagram and questioned how realistic such an outfit would be. One comment read, “How is this supposed to work out for the average woman? This is inappropriate… and quite trashy, and unGodly.” Another person wrote, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Censori tends to be seen donning different Yeezy designs alongside her husband, West.

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