Bill Burr Wants to Return to The Mandalorian and the Breaking Bad Universe [Exclusive]

Bill Burr got to play in the Star Wars and Breaking Bad universes and would love to have the chance to do either one (or both!) again. In an exclusive interview with Movieweb (during which he explained his most nerve-racking scene in The King of Staten Island involved a veteran of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marisa Tomei), the 52-year old standup comedian, podcast host, and creator of F is for Family was excited by the mere mention of The Mandalorian on Disney+.

As fans of the galaxy far, far away will recall, Bill Burr turned up in a Season 1 episode of the massively popular Disney+ series as a mercenary called Mayfeld. A former sharpshooter with the Empire, Mayfeld is introduced in the post-Return of the Jedi setting of The Mandalorian as an associate of Ranzar Malk, a criminal played by Mark Boone Junior. “Chapter 6: The Prisoner,” one of two Season 1 episodes directed by Rick Famuyiwa (Dope), teams the show’s title character with Mayfeld and a handful of other riff-raff in a daring breakout of a Twi’lek bad guy Qin from a New Republic prison ship.

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In one memorable scene, Burr’s multi-pistol packing wisecracking gun-for-hire dropped The Child, aka “Baby Yoda.” He was all too trigger-happy when the rogue crew confronts a New Republic guard, played by Matt Lanter, who voiced Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. When audiences last saw Mayfeld, he was sat in a cell on that same prison ship, after an unsuccessful double-cross of show’s protagonist.

Knowing he couldn’t tell us anything even if he knew anything, we broached the subject of Mayfeld with Bill anyway. “What did you hear? Did you read something in the trades?” he replied, with a laugh. “Dude, you literally just made my heart jump. I got excited!”

“Last I heard about him, he was stuck in a jail. And I don’t know much about Star Wars, but he seems like he’s pretty buried.” Remembering that his character is, in fact, alive, he added, “You never know.” So, what would he like to see Mayfeld get up to in a hypothetical return?

“Breaking out of jail and getting revenge,” he answered. “Getting his own spinoff?”

“Everything seems like a while ago, since the whole pandemic thing, but that was a big thrill to be able to do that,” he added. “I got to thank [series creator] Jon Favreau, and Rick Famuyiwa wrote an amazing episode, and he shot it like Reservoir Dogs. It was awesome. When we shot that on that spaceship, they had two or three hallways, and they’d just shoot it from different angles. It’s like, ‘Now this is this part of the ship,’ and you definitely started to go a little stir crazy as far as like, ‘Oh my God, this hallway again.”

The other universe he’d love to return to is right here on Earth, on the AMC channel. While the Breaking Bad series finale aired nearly seven years ago, September 29, 2013, several of the characters live on in the critically acclaimed prequel series, Better Call Saul, which details the transformation of one James McGill into Saul Goodman.

Burr wouldn’t be the first Breaking Bad / Mandalorian dual alum to appear in the series. Giancarlo Esposito, who played the villainous ex-Imperial Moss Gideon, reprised his fan-favorite chicken restauranteur/drug kingpin Gus Fring in Better Call Saul. Burr’s character has a very close connection to Saul Goodman. Patrick Kuby was a henchman of the crooked attorney, one part of his “A-Team” alongside Huell Babineaux (Lavell Crawford), who has already shown up in the prequel series. Breaking Bad introduced Patrick and Huell in the third episode of Season 4.

“I have two things that I want to come back on,” Bill told us.

“I would love to come on Better Call Saul, and I’d love to come back on The Mandalorian.”

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