Bill & Ted Face the Music Was a Hit on Streaming, So How Much Did It Really Make?

Bill & Ted Face the Music was able to pull in around $32 million from VOD sales alone. Despite the chaotic and unprecedented summer movie season, the sequel was able to become a lean success for the studio. Fans of the franchise began to think that the third installment was never going to happen after waiting nearly 30 years to see Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves reunite. But, the actors, along with franchise creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, were able to make it happen.

Even though Bill & Ted Face the Music was able to be completed, it could not have come at a worse time for the entertainment industry. After delaying the release date and observing the scene, MGM decided to go ahead with a VOD and theatatrical release, with no more than 1,007 theaters in North America receiving the sequel at its widest point of release. The movie was able to rent for $14.99. It is now being reported that the movie took in around $32 million from VOD alone, which is in addition to the $5 million it made in theaters globally.

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Domestically, Bill & Ted Face the Music has brought in just over $3.2 million at the box office. This is pretty impressive since a lot of theaters across North America are still closed down. It has also been reported that the sequel cost only $25 million to produce, which means there is a good possibility, even after marketing is accounted for, that it brought in a lean profit. Compared to the doom and gloom that people have been talking about these days, Bill & Ted Face the Music was able to defy the odds.

The news comes after it was announced that Bill & Ted Face the Music will be available to purchase Digitally on October 20th, with the Blu-ray release following on November 10th. The Blu-ray contains these bonus features: The Official Bill & Ted Face The Music Panel at [email protected], Be Excellent to Each Other, A Most Triumphant Duo, Death’s Crib, and Social Piece (Excellence). Other details about the release are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, but this should also help Bill & Ted Face the Music to make some more profit in the coming months.

As for a possible Bill & Ted 4, it doesn’t look like that’s in the cards. After a report surfaced about the possible sequel, Ed Solomon shut it down. “I’m excited to see A & K on the set of what I’m just hearing about for the 1st time now,” Solomon said, before adding, “By the way – this film is *not* happening, sorry.” While this may be sad news for some fans, there really isn’t anywhere else for Bill and Ted to go after completing their goal in Bill & Ted Face the Music. Plus, we’re all lucky that the sequel ended up happening at all. Deadline was the first to report on Bill & Ted Face the Music‘s profiting.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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