Billie Eilish Sparks Mixed Reactions From Fans After Flaunting Her New Grills

Singer Billie Eilish’s recent transformation has captured attention. In Instagram photos, she surprised fans with diamond grills on her teeth, evoking mixed reactions. Some questioned the change, while others defended her right to her choices.

After their breakup, the Grammy winner recently confirmed her continued friendship with ex-partner Jesse Rutherford. In an Instagram Q&A, she clarified her dating status and emphasized their strong bond as “very, very good friends only.”

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Billie Eilish Debuts Flaunts Her Diamond Grills

Billie Eilish Sparks Mixed Reactions From Fans For Her New Diamond Grills
Instagram | Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish recently surprised her Instagram followers with new photos featuring diamond grills on her teeth, sparking mixed reactions from fans.

In one image, the 21-year-old “Ocean Eyes” hitmaker showcased her sparkling teeth while smiling in a dark car. A close-up shot captured her stunning diamond-studded front tooth and another silver-capped one.

Alongside the post captioned “This ain’t that,” Eilish shared an overhead shot revealing her new red roots. Other pictures include an older snap of her sporting silver hair and crystal-studded glasses and a fun photo with fellow musician Armanii White.

Fans React To Billie Eilish’s New Grills

Billie Eilish Sparks Mixed Reactions From Fans For Her New Diamond Grills
Instagram | Billie Eilish

Eilish’s latest look sparked various reactions from fans in the comment section. Some loved her grills, while others wondered why the Oscar winner got them.

A fan questioned the change, writing, “Wtf she did it with her teeth.” Another quickly defended her choice, saying, “That’s her teeth; she can do with it whatever she wants to; it’s none of [your] business.”

Another follower explained, “It’s just grillz that’s not permanent. It’s an accessory, + she can do whatever she wants with her teeth.”

A different perspective came from a fan who humorously noted, “She looks like an old man with her new tooth, but I still love her.”

There were also comments expressing admiration for Eilish. One user playfully stated, “YOU WANNA KNOW WHY WE CALL YOU N***A BILLIE because you are…”

Another added, “You are so beautiful that my whole life would not be enough to explain how much I love and admire you so much.”

A third wrote, “I hope you feel good Billie, remember that you have us and we have you, I love you.”

Billie Eilish & Ex Jesse Rutherford Remain ‘Good Friends’

Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford at LACMA Art + Film Gala 2022

Earlier this week, Eilish revealed that she and her former partner Jesse Rutherford maintain a strong friendship following their breakup in May.

During an Instagram Story Q&A session on Saturday, the 21-year-old “What Was I Made For?” singer shed more light on their current relationship dynamics. 

When asked about her dating status, she resounded, “NO, SIR.”

As she interacted with her followers, answering queries about her dog, Shark, and her current favorite song, Eilish also addressed a question about Jesse Rutherford, 31. 

The singer stated, “Very, very good friends only.” She emphasized their enduring bond by adding, “My homie forever.”

Billie Eilish Shows Off New Hair Color

Billie Eilish Flaunts Her Physique In A Crop Top & Fishnet Tights In Daring Photo Shoot
Instagram | Billie Eilish

Eilish has been undergoing some noticeable changes recently. Aside from her dental transformation, the Grammy winner surprised fans with a shift in her appearance last month when she debuted a vintage Barbie hairstyle and platinum blond locks in the music video for “What Was I Made For?” from the “Barbie” movie’s soundtrack.

In the image she posted, the “Ocean Eyes” singer donned a yellow short-sleeve dress and matching drop earrings, turning away from the camera to reveal the playful, bouncy Barbie-inspired ponytail and curled bangs.

Earlier this month, Eilish changed her appearance again, revealing vibrant red roots in an Instagram photo that was playfully captioned, “Remember me?” 

Billie Eilish debuts red hair
Instagram | Billie Eilish

In the picture, the “Bad Guy” singer rocked black hair styled in two looped pigtails. She angled her face downward, showcasing the striking red shade starting from the roots at the back of her head, gradually merging with her bangs.

Fans were quick to speak on the changes, with some commending her for always having fun with her hair. One fan wrote, “She’s back into her cool-colored hair era (I like her hair either way but yk).”

Another commented, “New hair means new album and a new era,” implying that the singer might be teasing a new album with her latest hair color.

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