Billy Ray Cyrus Says Fianceé Firerose Was ‘A Light’ Following ‘Hard Times’ Of Divorce

Billy Ray Cyrus is shedding light on the new love he has found in the arms of his young fiancée Firerose.

The news of the country singer moving on and getting engaged following his divorce from Tish Cyrus first broke in September.

However, the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer hasn’t addressed the news until now, and he is opening up about how he connected with the younger singer and the sweet bond they share.

Billy Cryus Talks Relationship With Fiancee Firerose

For the first time since getting engaged, the “Old Town Road” singer confirmed that he and Firerose are going to walk down the aisle. While he didn’t give exact details about the nuptials, Billy dished on his new thriving romance and how the “good” of a new love came after a period of “bad” from his divorce.

Billy Ray Cyrus confirms engagement to Firerose

The 61-year-old shared how he and the younger Australian singer first crossed paths. He told People Magazine they have known each other for about 12 years after meeting on the set of “Hannah Montana” in Los Angeles. Billy, who gushed about loving the Disney series, credited his German Shepherd Tex for introducing him to his now-fiancée.

“There’s a couple old pine trees on the lot that look like Tennessee. Tex and I would go out there in the middle of the day, and he’d take care of his business, and we’d stretch, and I’d think how much I missed Tennessee,” he recalled. ” On that given day, Firerose came out of the front door. There was almost a moment of, I don’t know, recognition. I was like, ‘This girl’s a star.’”

While Billy didn’t know Firerose, the younger songstress with an age difference of over 20 years was familiar with him, given that he was a country music icon. When she came over to say hi to Tex, she and Billy got into a conversation, and that was where their friendship started.

After Firerose told the “Butterfly Fly Away” singer that she had an audition, he offered to introduce her to a producer and gave her a pass to watch the cast rehearse in the hopes that it might lead to a role for her. However, he gave her some advice.

He recalled to the publication, “I actually said to her, ‘Don’t ever take a strange man up on this offer, but, in this case, Tex will testify that you will be totally safe.’” That show of trust was the foundation of their relationship. Over the years, they kept in touch, with Firerose reaching out to Billy from time to time to hear some of her music.

However, it was the pandemic that truly changed their relationship as they became songwriting partners and evolved into something more. “We began sharing music, and it just evolved,” Billy said. Firerose, who joined her man in the interview, chipped in, “Billy confided in me a lot of what was going on in his life. I was just the best friend I could possibly be, supporting him.”

Billy Ray Cyrus confirms engagement to Firerose

The ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ Singer Declares Firerose His ‘Soulmate’

Opening up about how the pandemic was dark for him, Billy shared that not living the life of a “touring artist”  put him in such a tough spot, but he was bailed out by none other than his current fiancée. In his words:

“At the same time, Firerose, who had been such a light of positivity, such a best friend. And then when we began sharing the music, it just evolved more into, as musical soulmates, to soulmates, happy, pure love that to me, I didn’t know could exist.”

He clarified that he and Firerose are first musicians before lovers. The Australian singer then opened up about how her older lover popped the question. She revealed that it happened in August but without a ring or even bended knees.

“Billy looked at me and said, ‘Do you, do you wanna marry me?’ And I was just like, ‘Of course I do. I love you,” she heartwarmingly reminisced. “He said, ‘I love you. I wanna make this official. I wanna be with you forever.’”
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Later on, Firerose picked out her diamond engagement and personally designed it. News of Billy and Firerose’s secret engagement made headlines in September after the “No Holding Fire” singer sported a large rock in loved-up photos she posted on Instagram.

At the time, outlets reported that Billy’s family, especially his daughter Miley Cyrus, weren’t on board with the new romance. However, the patriarch denies such a narrative now. ”

Everyone knew that that relationship was over a long time ago. Everybody’s turning the page. It’s been a lot, but everyone knew that it was time for a change,” he said.

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