Bindi Irwin Allegedly Strapped For Cash, Planning US Wedding Says Sketchy Source

Is Bindi Irwin going broke? One report says she and Chandler Powell are so strapped for cash that they may travel to the United States for a televised wedding ceremony. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Cash-Mad Bindi Goes For Broke!’

According to the National Enquirer, Irwin hopes to profit off her marriage by holding a second, American wedding. She’s blown through her funds trying to keep the Australia Zoo afloat so she needs money badly. A source explains, “The pandemic was tough on the whole Irwin family. Their zoo lost a ton of cash through lack of visitors, and Bindi’s been dipping into her pocket to help her mom out.”

With the well drying up, the only solution for Irwin and Powell is to fly to the United States for a summer wedding in California. “Getting married and selling the rights is a no-brainer,” an insider reveals. “They’re eager to capitalize on their popularity in America and would like to make a real splash with a star-studded celebration.” 

An American wedding for the duo could see folks like Russell Crowe and Billie Eilish in attendance, which could only increase their payday. A spy concludes, “it’s a smart tactic to milk their high-profile showbiz connections for all they’re worth.”

Why Another Wedding?

Gossip Cop busted loads of Irwin wedding stories years ago when the pair actually got married. It was at least feasible back then, but now it’s just strange. Irwin and Powell celebrated their second anniversary months ago, and their daughter just turned one. The family is completely settled in Australia.

However, it is true that the Australia Zoo has seen better days. COVID-19 ravaged its finances, and Terri Irwin has reportedly been forced to take out a loan to cover its losses. Bindi’s influencer status and books have certainly helped raise publicity. Also, the Australia Zoo isn’t Bindi’s savings account. She’s a millionaire in her own right.

The fact remains: if Irwin and Powell wanted to exploit their wedding for profit, why didn’t they do it when they got married in the first place? Why wait well over two years to capitalize on it? The two chose to have a pretty private ceremony in Australia instead, so this story doesn’t match reality in any way.

Bogus Bindi Tales

Way back in 2019, the Enquirer claimed Irwin may call off the wedding. That did not happen, and her dream wedding went on as planned. This is not a valid source for Irwin stories.

Last year, The Globe ran a story almost identical to this one. It claimed Powell and Irwin were going to have a star-studded second wedding to the tune of $10 million. It’s been about a year since that story, and no second wedding has happened. The tabloids are stumbling over themselves to break a scoop destined never to occur.

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