Blac Chyna Responds To Her Mom Tokyo Toni Calling Her A ‘Fake B’

Blac Chyna and her mom are going back and forth in the media, but it looks like Chyna is taking the high road.

Blac Chyna Needs A New Mom

Blac Chyna dine out at Craig apos s wearing a figure-hugging black jump suit

Angela ‘Blac Chyna’ White needs to throw the whole mom away at this point. As we all know, White has been on a journey that is taking her beyond anything we’ve known her for in the past. She has dropped her OnlyFans account, she is requesting to called by her government name again, and she is in the process of removing any foreign objects she put in her body for enhancements to further her brand.

Like, for real, White is brand new! Or at least trying to be. Unfortunately, White doesn’t have the support of everybody in her life especially the support of someone who should be special to her; her mom, Tokyo Toni.

Toni instead seems perplexed at her daughter’s transformation calling her a “fake b***h” and virtually assaulting her. Toni got those quick Twitter fingers.

Tokyo Toni Sees A PR Stunt

Blac Chyna Responds To Her Mom Tokyo Toni Calling Her A 'Fake B'

Toni shared a message about why she is so bothered by her daughter’s lifestyle change. “I am God’s child, not Chyna,” claimed the 51-year-old woman. If anything, Toni seemed bitter that her daughter doesn’t hold space for her in life.

“Chyna is a PR stunt. C’mon b***h, we know better. I don’t give a f**k if she don’t ever talk to me in life, chile.” Toni continued to bombard White with hate. “I raised her, had her, taught her, she know everything! This b***h is faking.”

Blac Chyna Responds To Her Mom Tokyo Toni Calling Her A 'Fake B'

Toni seem genuinely disturbed and angry in the series of videos she posted on IG. “In Jesus’ name, stop her. Right now! Put her on her back. I’m not playing with you, Lord. Take her name out of the last book of life. If she playing with you, Lord! In Jesus’ name! We not gonna do that.”

The awkward praising was addressed by Toni’s followers who were quick to tell her to sit down or mind her own business or better yet, throw some support her daughter’s way as opposed to whatever this is.

Angela White Is Rebuking Tokyo Toni

Blac Chyna Responds To Her Mom Tokyo Toni Calling Her A 'Fake B'

The mom of two is focused on her journey and refuses to let her mom’s toxicity seep into her progress! When she sat down for an interview with Anthony Lofties, he asked her about her mom’s comments and how it has affected her.

“That’s just the devil, that’s just the enemy and guess what I’m not going for it,” claimed White. She further refused to respond to her mom’s antics because her name is Angela not Chyna so, this lady must not be talking about her.

“I’m a really intelligent person,” say’s White. “If you look at her video she always says ‘Chyna, my daughter Chyna. She never says my daughter Angela. So guess what those gifts that she’s trying to send this way, they’re not directed towards me. My name is Angela. My name is not Chyna. So direct that somewhere else.”

Earlier this month White spoke about her journey:

“I’m just changing everything about me,” claimed the former exotic dancer. “All that stuff is a dead end and I know that I’m way — I’m worth way more than that. I feel like I have bigger fish to fry and at the time I had so many things in lawsuits, it’s like ‘wow,’ but yeah, I’m good.”

White wasn’t throwing shade. “Shout out to the people that do still have their OnlyFans and stuff like that. Get your money, don’t let the money make you.”

Maybe her mom isn’t taking her seriously because she is quoting The Players Club.

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