Blake Shelton Allegedly Squaring Off With Gavin Rossdale Over Holidays For His Kids With Gwen Stefani, Latest Rumor Claims

Are Blake Shelton and Gavin Rossdale gearing up for an uncomfortable holiday season? One tabloid claims Gwen Stefani‘s ex-husband is bound to clash with Shelton as they shuttle the kids between families for the holidays. Here’s the latest on how Stefani and Rossdale are handling their co-parenting arrangement.

Gavin Rossdale And Blake Shelton Brace For ‘Holiday Showdown’?

The latest edition of OK! reports the honeymoon still isn’t over for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, but the holidays could bring an upsetting dose of reality for the newlyweds. Since Stefani’s ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, is bound to rub shoulders with the family at some point this holiday season, Stefani is preparing for his inevitable face-off with Shelton. “Everyone’s bracing for some fireworks this Christmas,” an insider dishes to the tabloid.

Since Rossdale and Stefani still share their three young sons, Rossdale’s presence will be unavoidable. “[Rossdale] will have the boys during a portion of the holidays and will be popping over for pick-ups and drop-offs, so it’s bound to get uncomfortable,” the tipster explains. “He has a way of sticking around and nosing into their business, which ticks Blake off.”

Apparently, Rossdale still sees Shelton as “some hillbilly who got lucky,” the source reveals. “It’s gotten under Blake’s skin of late because Gavin really knows how to press his buttons.” Caught in the middle is Stefani, who desperately wants them to “act like adults,” the insider adds, “but it’s like she’s got two extra kids on her hands.”

Gwen Stefani Bracing For ‘Uncomfortable’ Holiday Season With Gavin Rossdale?

This story is a bit hard to believe for a few reasons. First of all, we doubt anyone close to Stefani is gossiping about her family behind her back. If you disregard this unnamed insider’s testimony, there would be absolutely no reason to think there’s any tension between Shelton and Rossdale.

Furthermore, this is hardly Stefani and Shelton’s first holiday season together. While they might have only tied the knot earlier this year, they’ve been together since 2015. There weren’t any credible reports of conflict between Shelton and Rossdale in all that time. So why, after six years together, would they suddenly have a problem with each other? It just doesn’t make sense. From what we can tell, this was just a lazy attempt to invent drama for the famous family.

Besides, it certainly doesn’t look like Stefani and Shelton are stressing about the holidays.

The Tabloid On Gwen Stefani

This is far from the first time OK! has gotten it wrong about Gwen Stefani. Not long ago, the magazine claimed Rossdale wanted to have a “serious sit-down” with Shelton after he married Stefani. Then the tabloid alleged Stefani was being shunned by country music stars for “riding on the coattails” of Shelton. And more recently, the publication reported Shelton and Stefani were planning a full-blown tour together. Obviously, OK! isn’t reliable when it comes to the former No Doubt frontwoman.

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