Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Like To Make Christmas Cooking ‘Challenging’

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are known for their musical recipes and dishing out great performances on stage. Turns out, the husband and wife also have an appetite for cooking up Christmas meals during the holiday season. 

Apparently, the celebrity couple has their own version of a Christmas throwdown in the kitchen. In an interview with Us Weekly, Shelton and Stefani shared the Christmas traditions they have as a family. Just like many of us, their holiday traditions include a lot of food.

“Gwen and I, our tradition has become cooking during Christmas—and not just like your normal, typical [dishes],” Shelton remarked during NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center special. “But we always challenge ourselves and try to come up with a different, weird, complicated, difficult thing to cook every year.” 

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The way this Christmas tradition began for the couple is a bit surprising. As Shelton reflected, “It started one year [when] she wanted to do a beef Wellington, which is not easy, by the way.”

Ever since, the country singer and No Doubt frontwoman have tried to cook up “something weird and new every year.” 

A Holiday Kitchen Throwdown For Shelton And Stefani

Shelton went on to add what type of dishes are part of their family’s tradition. “[In] Gwen’s family, there’s a lot of Italian blood in her family,” shared the country singer.

“And so there’s tons of pastas and there’s a reason that I have [had] a chin like a stork for the last five years. It’s because I’m hanging out with the Stefanis now.”

As Shelton reflected on how challenging cooking is for the celebrity couple, he admitted, “Singing with Gwen is way harder than cooking with her. Cooking is easy for us because neither one of us really knows what we’re doing, and all we do is laugh the whole time. With music, we actually take [it] serious.”

Although the couple has a tradition of cooking up weird and atypical food during the holidays, Stefani admitted that Christmas music also has a special place in their hearts. “One thing that we bonded over was Christmas music,” Stefani shared.

The “Just a Girl” singer also asked Shelton what Christmas feels like to her husband. Shelton sweetly replied, “You make it feel like Christmas.” As Stefani smiled, her husband went on to say, “It’s not even Christmas tonight, but you make it feel like it is.”

Whether their sizzling in the kitchen or on stage, we can’t wait to see what Shelton and Stefani cook up next!

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