Bob Odenkirk Marks 1-Year Anniversary Of Heart Attack: ‘Always Be Appreciative’

The memorable 28th day of July last year will forever be remembered by the famous Bob Odenkirk as he reportedly had a close call with death on the day.

In commemoration of the lucky escape, Bob took to Twitter to pen an appreciation message, marking one year of the incident that transformed his life forever.

Bob Odenkirk Is Thankful For Life A Year After Briefly Flirting With “Quietus”

Bob Odenkirk at Kimmel

“A Thank You to you, whoever you are,” the 59-year-old comedian began on the platform, adding details about the past experience and how he felt about it.

He explained, “A year ago today, I briefly flirted with “quietus” and this elicited a wave of goodwill and warmth towards me. I will forever feel unworthy of it.”

Bob further expressed more appreciation and promised to “pass it on” while concluding the message with “Thank you. No reply necessary.”

As expected, fans flooded the tweet with thankful remarks and expressed relief in knowing the talented actor was still with them.

Several recalled the incident and penned how they felt at the time, knowing Bob was in bad shape and hoping there would be good news at the day’s end.

Fortunately, their wish was granted as the filmmaker pulled through, leading him to make his first statement last July since the occurrence.

The Blast previously shared that the former “SNL” writer was reported to have been hospitalized following his collapse while filming the show “Better Call Saul.” At the time, there was no apparent reason for the breakdown.

His former co-star Bryan Cranston also opened up about the situation with a statement that announced the news and revealed Bob was in an Albuquerque hospital receiving medical attention.

Cranston confirmed that his condition was unknown to the public while urging fans to put his friend in their thoughts and send prayers his way. 

In addition, Bob’s son, Nate Odenkirk, updated the world on his father’s situation shortly after, letting them know the movie star would be okay.

Another representative for the “Breaking Bad” star later released a statement verifying his “stable condition after experiencing a heart-related incident.”

The rep added that the Odenkirks used the medium to “express gratitude for the incredible doctors and nurses looking after him, as well as his cast, crew, and producers who have stayed by his side.”

Bob was indeed lucky to have recovered, and he reassured fans himself about the situation with an explanatory message showing more information about the happening.

While appreciating family, friends, and fans for their overwhelming love and support, he also credited the doctors for their efforts, including one Rosa Estrada, who was a lifesaver.

“The Larry Sanders Show” star further explained that he had a “small heart attack,” but the health professionals were able to “fix the blockage without surgery.” However, he was “going to take a beat to recover.”

Naturally, numerous fans and well-wishers were glad to see his update, and they voiced so with a couple of positive messages for the great news. 

The “Tom Goes to the Mayor” Producer’s Life Gets Saved By A Simple Decision

Bob Odenkirk at the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Santa Monica

Earlier in March, Bob appeared on the “Today” show, where he discussed his “small heart attack” with Hoda Kotb and revealed how a simple decision saved his life.

As The Blast reported, he described the condition as a heart incident, not a heart attack, based on his doctor’s clarification, which to him, made no difference.

He then detailed events that preceded his collapse, beginning with when Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, himself, and several other cast members were filming a great scene of the final season of “BCS.”

The “Let’s Go to Prison” director mentioned that he and the castmates decided to remain in the waiting area instead of returning to his trailer, leading to his breakdown.

Speaking of his collapse, he said he stopped breathing, started turning blue, and his heart had an uneven beat.

Fortunately, being in the midst of other people alerted them to his situation, which would not have been the case if he had been alone in his trailer.

Bob admitted that he had a slow epiphany, adding that his life was “pretty damn great,” and he should appreciate it with those around him.

His epiphany was to appreciate the good people around him, even though he believed people had epiphanies whenever they had close calls with death and felt they had to make changes.

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