#BrendonUrieSpeakUp Trends On Twitter After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against The Panic! At The Disco Singer

The new allegation, made in a thread of tweets, said that Urie acted physically aggressive with the accuser, who said that she met the singer at a 2009 South African music festival. The account mentioned that they thought Urie was intoxicated and that he tried to grab their thigh after a series of inappropriate comments, including a story about him trying to make out with his bandmates. The tweets also mentioned that the behavior continued even after they said they explicitly informed him that they were underage. A clip from an old Panic! At The Disco show is also circulating under the hashtag. In it, Urie, with a drink in his hand, seems to make a rape joke about having sex with fans after the show. However, the initial thread has since been deleted — and some fans think they know why.

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