Britney Spears Claims ‘Half My Clothes Are Gone’ In Troubling Post

Singer Britney Spears claims that her “clothes are gone” but fans are having trouble figuring out what she means!

The 41-year-old pop star took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday afternoon to share a video of some of her favorite outfits, but it’s not clear what happened to her clothes.

Britney Spears Claims ‘My Clothes Are Gone’ But Fans Aren’t Quite Sure What She Means!

On Tuesday, the “Hold Me Closer” singer took to her Instagram Stories to share a thirty-second video of some of her favorite outfits. The text at the beginning of the video reads, “Since I’m doing a serious throwback this week, I went back in and checked out some of my posts and realized half my clothes are gone !!!!”

“These are my favorite pieces of clothing that are gone !!! I post this to remind myself…” she added, although it’s not clear what she is trying to remind herself. It’s not clear if she is actually missing the clothing items herself, or if the posts of her outfits have gone missing since she said she “checked out some of my posts” before she realized the clothes were missing.

Britney Spears claims her clothes are gone
Instagram Stories | Britney Spears

Many fans have speculated that Britney is not actually in control of her own Instagram account, although these have been largely dismissed as conspiracy theories. If Britney is claiming that someone other than her is deleting photos and videos on her account, though, it might lend new weight to the theory that all is not right in Britney’s world.

Britney has disabled comments on her Instagram posts since the start of the year, leaving fans heading to other social media channels to try to debate whether or not Britney is really as free as she seems. The pop star was only freed of her controversial 13-year conservatorship in November 2021, but fans are worried that Britney still might not have as much agency over her life as she would like.

Fans Accuse Her Husband Sam Asghari Of Being Involved In The Conspiracy Theories!

Britney Spears wishes happy birthday to Sam Asghari
Instagram | Britney Spears

Some fans have speculated that Iranian actor Sam Asghari, who Britney married last June, might actually be the one controlling her account. Since Britney has comments disabled on her post, many of taken to visiting his Instagram post and leaving comments inquiring about Britney’s welfare.

In one Instagram post, Sam shared two photos that featured him sitting in a director’s chair with his name on it.  “First day filming. But for which project? Stayed tuned. I’ve always wanted my own dedicated directors chair with my name on it,” he wrote in the caption, but fans were more worried about Britney.

Sam Asghari in the director's chair 1
Instagram | Sam Asghari

“How’s Britney?” one fan asked. “I doubt he actually knows,” another follower replied. “Locked up or passed on, unfortunately,” another user chimed in. “He doesn’t know or care,” another follower wrote.

“What did you do to Britney?” another user asked. “He locked her up in a dungeon lmao,” another follower shot back. “Would be nice to see you and Britney out and about,” another user commented. Even though most of the fans were critical of Sam’s relationship with Britney, there were a few supporters to be found in his post.

Sam Asghari in the director's chair
Instagram | Sam Asghari

“You are awesome Sam. Don’t listen to any of the jealous haters try to tell you otherwise. You’re a brilliant high achiever who consistently does the very best with all that God gave you and you’re a good influence on Britney,” one fan commented.

“Thank you for taking care of her and helping her to learn how to take care of herself after all she’s been through,” they continued. “Keep shining your light and remember the words of Albert Einstein who said that great spirits have always encountered violence opposition from mediocre minds!”

Another follower wrote, “Geezz people , give the man a break . He’s got his own life and identity. I’m sorry Sam it’s not so easy for you being married to Britney . Love conquers all. Stay yourself.”

Britney Spears wishes happy birthday to Sam Asghari
Instagram | Britney Spears

Even though fans are divided as to whether Britney’s husband is a good influence on her or not, it still doesn’t solve the question of what happened to Britney’s clothes. Or her missing posts.

In the meantime, fans will continue to speculate who is really in charge of Britney’s Instagram account.

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