Britney Spears’ Family & Friends Reportedly Planned Intervention

Singer Britney Spears concerned fans last month when she suddenly deactivated her Instagram account.

Fans who were concerned for her well-being called law enforcement and asked them to do a welfare check on the 41-year-old pop star. Although the “Hold Me Closer” singer assured fans that she was “alive and well” in a Twitter post a few days later, it appears all is not well in Britney’s world.

The “Oops!…I Did It Again” singer was subject to a lengthy conservatorship from February 2008 to November 2021. Although Britney herself seems happy to be free, it looks like her family and friends are about to stage an intervention.

Britney Spears’ Family & Friends Are Reportedly Concerned That ‘She’s Gonna Die’

Britney Spears, Sam Asghari getting married on Thursday
Instagram | Sam Asghari

On Thursday, February 9, TMZ reported that the “Toxic” singer has been “struggling with her mental health and substance abuse.” One source that has “regular contact” with the singer told the outlet, “I’m afraid she’s going to die.”

Reportedly, multiple sources have told TMZ that “people around Britney have become alarmed by her erratic, volatile behavior.” These insiders claim that Britney is “taking meds” to “hype her up.” If that wasn’t enough, they say that she is “flying off the handle” more and more often. They also claim that Britney is “not taking the medications that stabilize her.”

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
Instagram | Britney Spears

According to TMZ, her manager rented a house in Los Angeles for several months. The “plan,” according to these sources, was “to take an unsuspecting Britney to the house” where she would be confronted by her husband, Sam Asghari, along with her manager, an interventionist, and doctors.

The goal was to “convince her she needed help” and keep her there for as long as two months while she went through medical treatment and psychological counseling. According to insiders, this was supposed to happen on Tuesday, February 7.

Britney Spears' Ex-Husband Facing Three Years In Prison For Wedding Crash
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However, the plan fell through when Britney became “somewhat aware” of the plan, according to the outlet. At this time, it is unclear why those closest to her would stop the plan if they were so concerned for her mental and physical health.

One source did say that Britney has agreed to meet with a doctor, although, at this time, it’s unclear if Britney is planning on seeing a doctor or a therapist and whether she is getting treatment for her physical or mental health – or both. Britney reportedly met with the doctor on Wednesday afternoon. The meeting reportedly “went well.”

Britney Has Claimed She Sleeps ‘For Days’ Due To Nerve Damage Pain

Britney Spears posts a new dancing video
Instagram | Britney Spears

The “Slumber Party” singer has become more and more vocal about the nerve damage pain that she says she is experiencing. In late January, Britney claimed that she sleeps for days due to the amount of pain she experiences.

In the video, set to Noga Erez’s “Nails,” Britney dances in front of the camera in a bright yellow crop top and black shorts. She spins around and whips her hair for the video, at one point flipping off the camera before she continues to dance.

“Hey I’ve played the game and I will continue to do my thing because I CAN !!!” Britney wrote in the caption. “I think we all know by now my life hasn’t been picture perfect and never was but d— it helps to think my life could be picture perfect !!!”

Britney said that her Instagram posts actually help her mental health, “I only show the good moments on Instagram because it helps my mental stability !!!”

“Honestly kiss my mother fucking a– !!! People don’t know I sleep for days sometimes because of the pain but then I guess God whispers in my ears to give me strength and then I rise !!!” Britney concluded. “I express myself and send my message and find my core !!! To stay hungry … to live and … to let go !!! Prayers to every single one of you !!!”

Britney Spears claims social media helps her mental health
Instagram | Britney Spears

In a separate Instagram post, Britney went into more detail about the nerve damage she claims she is experiencing.

“I have nerve damage on the side of my body … my hand goes numb when I sleep !!! It shoots to my head and it hurts deeply !!!” Britney wrote. “I sleep a lot because of the pain. God is the one and only cure PERIOD !!!”

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