Britney Spears Gets Support From Famed Advocacy Group Amid Conservatorship Battle

Britney Spears has already received ample support from fans across the globe and disability rights organizations in her ongoing conservatorship battle. Now, Bettys’ Hope is coming to Britney’s defense and making a case for why it’s imperative her conservatorship be terminated.

In legal documents obtained by The Blast, “Betty’s Hope” was created to advocate for the correction and reform of California’s probate courts.” Its name stems from late Honorable Judge Betty Lou Lamoreaux, whose family started the organization after the judge was abused under her own probate.

Its specific mission, as a charitable entity, is to ensure that every person facing or in conservatorships is represented by a lawyer who is trained, supervised, and held accountable for their misfeasance, or even malfeasance, as the case may be.

The legal documents state, “Ms. Spears’ unequivocal right to counsel was violated.”

Her Rights Were Violated!

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As many #FreeBritney fans know, Britney previously had a court-appointed attorney and now she has a new attorney, Mathew Rosengart

Rosengart has been aggressively fighting to get Britney out of the years-long conservatorship and give her the freedom she deserves.

As The Blast previously reported, in August Rosengart requested to move up the hearing which would decide whether or not Jamie Spears would continue to oversee the conservatorship. That request was denied by the judge overseeing the case.

Per the legal documents, Britney has a hearing in two weeks and a judge will determine if Britney’s 13-year conservatorship will come to an end.

Lucky for the “Lucky” singer, her father petitioned to be removed from the conservatorship on September 7.

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According to separate legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Jamie agreed to step aside in her ongoing conservatorship case but wants to make sure the transition is done in an orderly way. Of course, Mr. Spears isn’t going down without a bit of a fight and is pointing out that there are “no actual grounds” for removing him as conservator.

The Bettys’ Hope legal documents state, “It is time to allow Ms. Spears to have her life back and freed of the so-called ‘protection’ of the Los Angeles County Superior Court.” Interestingly enough, the legal documents also included #FreeBritney in bold.


Betty's Hope Legal Document which states #FreeBritneyBetty's Hope Legal Document which states #FreeBritney
The Blast

In another interesting turn of events, Britney deleted her entire Instagram account on Tuesday, September 14, just two days after announcing her engagement.

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