Brittney Palmer ‘Stays Golden’ In Two-Piece Swimsuit: See The Pic

Four-time winner of “Ringcard Girl of the Year” Brittney Palmer is grabbing her fans’ attention with her latest Instagram post.

The UFC ring girl is showing off her body as she wears a gold skimpy bikini, lounging on a giant orange chair.

Brittney Palmer Is Staying Golden

Brittney Palmer 'Stays Golden' In Skimpy Bikini: See The Pic
Instagram | Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer is not only known for her work as a UFC ring girl, but in 2012, she also appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine, which she said was an amazing experience. “The Playboy experience was amazing,” she admitted. “I’m so lucky and grateful to even have the opportunity to put my name out there and do something really cool like that, because Playboy is one of the most iconic magazines of all time.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to realize that I actually graced the cover of it. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would do it again over and over if I could.”

The 36-year-old has been focusing on her career, which includes both being ringside at UFC events and promoting her adult content website.

Just recently, the UFC ring girl shared a photo of herself lounging on a giant orange chair bed while wearing a gold skimpy bikini. Her legs are crossed as she flaunts her toned calves and thighs, while her arms are up above her head, revealing some of her tattoos.

“Stay golden! ✨💛✨,” she captioned the post, which gained several comments from her fans and followers.

“Stunninggggggg,” one fan commented while another chimed in with, “You are absolutely beautiful you are so beautiful ❣️”.

A third follower expressed, “So Lovely and Radiant 😍,” as another user wrote, “Now thats Gold!! Look great as always!”.

Many other fans chimed in by saying things such as “Beautiful shot look like an art on canvas ❤️” and “So beautiful sexy and gorgeous 🔥🔥”.

Brittney Palmer On Her Dating Life

Brittney Palmer Is 'Unraveling Secrets' In Beige Lingerie Set
Instagram | Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer has recently stated that although she is currently single, she is ready to mingle — and she knows what she wants in a man.

First and foremost, he has to be in shape. When asked “Abs or dad bod”, Palmer responded with, “Abs. I work with the UFC. I mean of course.” But putting fitness aside, Palmer wants her man to be funny. “I love a sense of humor. I love someone who can get my jokes and also tell me jokes. I really enjoy laughing and giggling and having banter,” she said.

“It’s really just about your personality,” she continued. “All of that other stuff, I’ve had it. We have had these flowers and chocolates and they are very sweet and the gesture is nice. But really just having an endearing, kind soul is so important.”

In regard to a first date, Palmer isn’t looking for much. “On a first date, probably just like a really good restaurant with good wine and a good atmosphere,” she explained. “Nothing too fancy or stuffy but you know, something that’s thoughtful and just a good place to have cocktails.”

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