Caitlyn Jenner, Sophia Hutchins Getting Married? What We Know

Caitlyn’s Extreme Makeover For Her Wedding

Apparently, the tabloids didn’t get the memo. In 2019, the Enquirer once again declared Jenner planned to wed Hutchins and would undergo plastic surgery before the wedding. The supermarket tabloid purported the retired athlete was undergoing several cosmetic procedures before her supposed ceremony to Hutchins. “Cait’s absolutely obsessed with nips and tucks. She obviously feels a lot of pressure dating someone so much younger than she was,” a tipster revealed. From there, the report took a dramatic turn when it asserted Kanye West would serve as Jenner’s best man. As Gossip Cop has explained before, Jenner and Hutchins weren’t engaged, and while Jenner has admitted to getting plastic surgery, she wasn’t doing it to get married to Hutchins.

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