Camilla Parker Bowles Bonds With Rarely-Seen Sister Over Cruel Childhood Prank

Camilla Parker Bowles recently revealed her mischievous side in a new ITV documentary that saw the duchess meet up with her sibling and reminisce about their childhood. So, what mean prank did Bowles play on her sister?

Camilla’s Cruel Prank

The documentary, Camilla’s Country Life, followed the duchess and her sister Annabel, as they spent time at their grandparents’ old home, Hall Place. As they toured the gardens, the interviewer, Mark, asked, “Have you had a discussion about the buried teddy bear?”

“Camilla, Mark just brought up the teddy bear, hiding my teddy bear,” Annabel said to her sister. She turned back to Mark and laughed, “She only owned up to me about a month before I got married, that actually she buried him.”

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The sisters then spilled the story about Annabel’s teddy bear. After a fight with her sister, Bowles buried Annabel’s toy. The Duchess of Cornwall revealed, “My sister and I had had a bit of an argument, so I buried him, it was sibling rivalry. Yes, Tiddy Bar—he had a very happy resting ground, in the rose garden.” Annabel was asked if she had forgiven her sister, and she jokingly replied, “Certainly not! No, it still rankles to this day!” 

Camilla And Annabel Tour Former Home

The documentary showed off the home where the sisters spent a lot of time growing up. Their primary residence was an estate called The Laines, where they lived in East Sussex with their parents. However, Bowles and Annabel frequently stayed with their grandparents at Hall Place. 

When they returned to tour the estate for the documentary, the pair were given a tour by the current owner, Michael Langdon, despite the duchess saying, “I could find my way around here with my eyes shut!”

Even though the family loved Hall Place, no one was able to take it on after their grandparents passed away. “There was a discussion as to whether any of us could take on the house but it was too big,” Annabel explained. “We felt so sad about it going out of the family.”

Bowles added, “We loved being there. It was our holiday, really. I do love the place.” Fans of the royals enjoyed seeing Bowles return to a location from her past—and loved hearing that the duchess had a wicked streak growing up! 

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