Cardi B Flaunts Luxurious Custom Birkin & Chanel Bag Gifts From Husband Offset

THANKS TO HER DOTING HUSBAND, Cardi B’s bag collection got bigger with more expensive pieces! Offset recently surprised his voluptuous queen with lavish gifts weeks after the couple’s public feud.

The “Clout” singers have one of the most discussed relationships, given their A-list status and infidelity scandals. After falsely accusing his wife of cheating, the former Migos member appears to be reflecting on his actions.

In her latest Instagram Story update, the sensational rapper unveiled the romantic gesture she received from her beau. Judging by her voice, the mother of two was ecstatic as she flaunted her new accessories and the sweet story behind them.

Offset Says Cardi B ‘Deserves The World’ As He Spoils Her With Pricey Gifts

The “WAP” hitmaker recently shared videos capturing her latest couple of goals moment with her husband. In the first clip, the 30-year-old filmed the father of her children dressed casually in a white t-shirt, black sweatpants, and a purple patterned head scarf.

Cardi B shows some serious leg dressed in fishnets and a french beret with husband Offset in Paris

The “Bad and Boujee” rapper sat at a counter crowded with take-outs and red plastic cups. The entertainer was focused on his phone and meal while his wife updated viewers about the situation. According to the New Yorker, the Lawrenceville native suddenly contacted her, asking if she would like a “red snapper.”

Cardi expressed interest in having the fish meal but did not expect her husband to be late. The Hip-hop star stated she avoided ordering take-outs because she was waiting for Offset but got “aggravated” by his delay. Ever the spicy queen, the Grammy winner confessed:

“So then I call him, and I told him, ‘like if I would had known you was gonna take two hours to get me food, you shouldn’t have even asked me if I wanted food. I would have just ordered it.’”

Getting emotional, the touched songstress panned the camera to show fans what had delayed Offset from promptly delivering her meal. On her side was an unwrapped box containing a brown Chanel chain bag. “I love you,” Cardi expressed her gratitude to her beau, who confirmed mutual feelings.

After their meal, a second clip showed the pair at a different section of their luxurious home. In this video, the “Bodak Yellow” musician asked Offset why he suddenly bought gifts, and her doting husband sweetly declared: “You deserve the world, girl.”

Cardi B gifted Chanel bag by husband Offset

In the final post, the Global Award recipient unboxed her second gift from the Lawrenceville native, a custom-made Birkin bag. The expensive accessory featured orange and pink hues, a color combination the 30-year-old approved, saying: “She’s cute! These are our colors to match.”

“Yeah, custom. One of one. Ain’t no other one, baby,” her beau announced in the background. Raving about her new bag, the New Yorker continued: “This is cute. She’s girly. And you know me, I love me a girly bag. Period!”

The chart-topper revealed she would add the new bags to her collection, noting she had not shown her fantastic pieces to fans since 2021. At the time, she was pregnant with her second child, a boy named Wave Set Cephus and affectionately dubbed “Wavy” by his mom.

“My collection has grown so much,” the Billboard Women in Music chimed, flipping the bag around for viewers’ admiration before concluding the post with her signature vibrant chuckle. The New Yorker’s joy was a welcome change compared to her heated reaction to Offset’s cheating allegations.

Cardi B gifted custom Birkin by husband Offset

The ‘Masked Singer’ Alum Confessed He Lied About His Wife’s Infidelity

Weeks before showering Cardi with gifts, the “Ghostface Killers” rapper got into a public spat with the voluptuous beauty over an alleged affair. After causing many to doubt his lover’s loyalty, the 31-year-old came clean about falsely accusing the New Yorker of cheating.

During a heart-to-heart conversation on the “Way Up With Angela Yee” podcast, the father of five revealed what led to his social media rant. In a since-deleted Instagram Story post, the Lawrenceville native penned: “My wife f**ked a N**ga on me gang yall n**gas know how I come.”

When asked about his comment, the Hip-hop star explained he had been under the influence of alcohol following a heated argument with his lover. His intoxication, alongside Cardi’s harsh responses, sparked the media personality’s lies.

Cardi B gifted custom Birkin by husband Offset

Additionally, Offset noted he was tired of being shamed about his past mistakes. The entertainer claimed fans quickly judged him for cheating on his wife, no matter the context. For this reason, the 31-year-old did not wish to explain his infidelity claims and just deleted the post.

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