Cardi B Transformed Into This Blue-Haired Housewife For Halloween

Cardi B is a whole mood for Halloween. The mom of two dressed up as another famous mom; Marge Simpson.

Cardi B Transformed

Cardi B Transforms In This Blue-Haired Housewife For Halloween

The rapper took her look “Up” with a sky-high doo just like Marge Simpson. Instead of a dress, she donned a lime green corset bodysuit. She wore an exaggerated red beaded necklace, three layers, not one because Cardi ain’t a broke b***h.

She added a little flare of her own to the entire costume; for example, the wig featured a droplet curl hanging in front of the rapper’s face. And the dress we already mentioned was turned into a corset. Instead of regular heels, she is sporting platform heels

Unlike Marge in the cartoon, Cardi’s version offered up more than one outfit. The next one was a polka dot number and accessorized her hair with a red ribbon. The “Bodak Yellow” Rapper even had her own sets.

Cardi B Had A Whole Photoshoot

Cardi B Transforms In This Blue-Haired Housewife For Halloween

Cardi never does anything basic. In addition to her over-the-top costume, she also participated in photoshoots with extravagant backdrops. The first backdrop is the family’s living room decked out with the couch, and the sailboat painting on the wall that hangs slightly askew.

In another photo in the polka dot outfit, the rapper is standing outside of Moe’s bar probably looking for Offset!

The family’s pink station wagon is parked out front and Cardi is posing under the dim streetlights. To round the outfit out, she has painted the skin a shimmery yellow tone. She looks like an x-rated version of Marge Simpson but what can anyone expect from Cardi? x-rated is her thing.

She also posted another outfit in a separate post. Still in Marge mode, Cardi is dressed in a Mugler gown as the blue-haired mom. “Mugler inspired,” she wrote as her caption, letting her followers know what was up.

Lizzo Also Dressed Up As Marge Simpson

Cardi B Transforms In This Blue-Haired Housewife For Halloween

Cardi B looks amazing as the fictional mom of three, but she isn’t the only one this year to debut their version of the animated TV series mom. Lizzo also dressed up as a version of Marge.

“I AM HIM – HIMMY NEUTRON- MARGE HIMPSON,” she captions the photo of a mash up of the Simpson character and Nickelodeon’s Jimmy Neutron.

Both women received all kinds of love from friends and followers. “Ate,” wrote Tamar Braxton under Cardi B’s post. “And the award for the best costume goes to….”a follower crowned Cardi. “THIS SUITS YOU SO GOOD 😍😍 YOU WIN.”

Lizzo’s followers were equally excited for the “Truth Hurts” singer. “OMG I love,” complimented Andy Cohen. “U KILLING HALLOWEEN SIS,” claimed rapper Latto. “The fact that you painted your entire body, that’s commitment,” wrote another.

It looks like these women take Halloween very seriously.

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