Carl Weathers Teases Greef Karga Plot Twist in The Mandalorian Season 2

Carl Weathers is teasing a possible Greef Karga plot twist in The Mandalorian season 2. Weathers was only supposed to be in a few episodes of season 1, but the cast and crew loved working with him too much. Jon Favreau had him written into more episodes and he is even directing an episode of season 2. When we last saw Weathers’ Karga character, he had redeemed himself after the Child saved his life. Before that, he was intent on killing Mando and delivering the Child to the Client.

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Now, it looks like Greef Karga may have had another change of heart in The Mandalorian season 2. In a new interview, Carl Weathers was asked about what Star Wars fans can expect from Karga this time around. Weathers obviously could not say much, but he did say that Karga is “having fun doing what he does – being duplicitous.” Carl Weathers had this to say when asked if he could reveal anymore.

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“Not really, I personally like the fact that he doesn’t divulge a lot about himself because I think, in some ways, the less you know, the more interested you are in knowing, and Greef plays things pretty close to the vest. So I think that we… in the episode I directed, we hint that there may be some ulterior motives in Greef’s desires and what he’s after you know, his goals and I personally think that’s more than enough.”

Greef Karga was an agent of the Bounty Hunters’ Guild before he decided to help out Mando on his mission. Now, it is assumed that he’ll be on the run with Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon on the hunt. It’s unclear if Karga knows that Gideon survived and is possession of the Darksaber, though it seems a man with his connections will know before a lot of others.

Greef Karga did not show up in The Mandalorian season 2’s debut episode. Mando and the Child went on a mission to Tatooine to find another Mandalorian, where he met up with Timothy Olyphant’s Cobb Vanth. The episode mostly focused on helping out Vanth and the Tusken Raiders as they joined forces to get rid of a massive Krayt Dragon. Karga will more than likely show up in the next few episodes.

Along with Carl Weathers, The Mandalorian season 2 will also feature directorial work from Peyton Reed, Robert Rodriguez, and series creator Jon Favreau, who directed the premiere. Dave Filoni, Rick Famuyiwa, and Bryce Dallas Howard will all return as directors in season 2. As for what the future will bring to Mando and the Child, that is unclear, but Giancarlo Esposito has promised a lot more screen time in season 2, along with some epic battles with Mando. You can check out the interview with Carl Weathers above, thanks to the Breakfast Television Toronto YouTube channel.

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