Carly Rae Jepsen Did Not Have ‘Loneliest Time’ Figuring Out How To Navigate THIS Social Media App!

Carly Rae Jepsen knows a thing or two about viral success!

The now-37-year-old rose to fame a decade ago after music fans had a hard time getting Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” out of their heads. The catchy pop hit quickly raced to the top of the charts and began circulating like wildfire!

10 years later, Jepsen is experiencing a similar moment once again. Social media users would be hard-pressed to escape the retro-inspired disco sound of Jepsen’s duet with Rufus Wainwright from her album of the same name, “The Loneliest Time.”

TikTok users certainly haven’t been lonely in their appreciation for “The Loneliest Time.” The track, which appears at the tail-end of “The Loneliest Time” LP, has become inescapable on TikTok feeds; considering the fact Jespen was inspired by the concept of loneliness while making her latest album, the thought seems pretty thrilling!

The sudden viral success of “The Loneliest Time” helped show Jepsen she still had a lot to learn about social media, but as it turns out, she wasn’t alone!

Read on to find out more about Jepsen’s endearing path to becoming a TikTok devotee!

Jepsen Created ‘The Loneliest Time’ Around The Concept Of Loneliness

When Jepsen set out to create her sixth album, she wouldn’t have to look very far for a sense of inspiration.

“The Loneliest Time” largely focuses on the concept of loneliness which Jepsen has personally identified with for a long time. Earlier this fall, Jepsen sat down with The Cut and divulged a bit of her perspective on loneliness.

“It’s been a lifelong inquiry that I’ve had with myself about my relationship with loneliness,” she told the publication per The Blast’s report on the LP’s creation. “The idea that you have to be happy by yourself- like, ‘Go alone and be happy!’- that’s bu**s**t to me. You become really happy on your own when you know you have connections out there,” Jepsen explained.

In spite of the upbeat nature of “The Loneliest Time” and its space-inspired music video, its lyrics detailing the universal concept of loneliness within a relationship reflect Jepsen’s views on loneliness and how it relates to experiencing love.

“Loneliness is a similar thing to love,” she continued to The Cut, “It’s felt everywhere by everyone at different points in their life.”

There’s No Loneliness To Be Felt In Celebration Of Jepsen’s Latest Viral Success!

Not only has it been extremely easy to find “The Loneliest Time” blasting in the background of TikToks over the last few months, but Jepsen isn’t lonely in her confusion in figuring out the app!

According to Jepsen’s recent interview with People, she and Wainwright have both struggled to find their way around the social media giant.

“It would be hard to find a person who was less aware of how TikTok works. Me and Rufus, we’re the winners!” Jepsen told the publication.

Wainwright was aware of the song’s success on TikTok, and wasn’t afraid to admit how little he knew about the app as well! Jepsen continued, “He joked, we’re two grandmas, and we both don’t know what we’re doing, but I think we’re taking off on TikTok.”

Luckily Jepsen’s lack of knowledge surrounding the app did not stop her from exploring the unknown! She revealed how the song’s success has helped turn her into a devoted TikTok fan!

“We were both just dying at how little we both understood about the platform,” she continued, “But I am honestly starting to have way more fun with it- and I can see why people get addicted because it’s kind of like catnip for people,” Jepsen concluded.

There is no ‘maybe’ about it: fans can absolutely follow Carly Rae Jepsen on the platform!

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