Carrie Coon Was Supposed to Return as Proxima Midnight in Avengers: Endgame

At least one dead character from Infinity War was supposed to return in a bigger capacity in Avengers: Endgame, but that didn’t quite work out. That character was Proxima Midnight, a member of the Black Order, who were Thanos’ most trusted enforcers. The news was revealed by actor Carrie Coon recently, explaining that a scheduling conflict got in the way of her reprising the role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the character does show up briefly in Avengers: Endgame, it was Carrie Coon’s stand-in Monique Ganderton who played the part the second time around.

As MCU fans may recall, Proxima Midnight met her demise while fighting Black Widow, Okoye and Scarlet Witch during the climax of Avengers: Infinity War. Be that as it may, directors Joe and Anthony Russo wanted Carrie Coon back for the sequel. Carrie Coon explained in a recent interview that The Russos wanted it to happen, they just couldn’t make the schedule work in her favor. Coon also, in tongue-in-cheek fashion, explained that there is a chance she could return down the line. Here’s what she had to say about it.

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“They invited me to come back for the final film but I wasn’t able to do it because of a conflict. But yeah, no one ever dies. It’s very possible I could have my own Avengers movie next. But I wouldn’t hold your breath.”

In most cases, a dead character returning would be a huge deal. And not to say seeing more of Proxima Midnight wouldn’t have been welcome. But the time travel element of Avengers: Endgame would have, rather easily, allowed for Carrie Coon to reprise the role at a much more substanial capacity. But Avengers: Endgame, as was, had a ton of plates to spin. Speaking further, Carrie Coon explained how she got the job in the first place. Amazingly, for being in what became one of the biggest movies ever, with Infinity War grossing over $2 billion at the global box office, her time on set was surprisingly brief.

“I got a voice-over audition; it was not specified what the project was. They were being very secretive about it, but I was given some of the lines that did end up being in the film. [The Russos] were excited about the possibility of me actually physicalizing the character as well, and they invited me to come down to Atlanta. I was pregnant and doing a play at the time, so I flew down and was on set with them for about 12 hours.”

Had Carrie Coon appeared in Avengers: Endgame, it certainly wouldn’t have hurt her resume, or pocketbook, as the movie overtook Avatar as the highest-grossing release in history. But Coon is doing quite well for herself. The actor will be seen next year in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which will serve as a direct sequel to Ghostubsters II. Coon is also set to star in HBO’s The Gilded Age, which is currently in post-production. This news comes to us via People.

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