Catherine Zeta-Jones Reflects On Marriage To Michael Douglas: ‘I Lucked Out Big Time’

Hollywood star, Catherine Zeta-Jones and her 22-year-old son Dyland made the L.A. premiere of Tim Burton’s “Wednesday” a beautiful family affair. During the event, Zeta-Jones spoke about her upcoming 22nd anniversary with her husband, Michael Douglas, and gushed about how lucky she was in choosing Douglas, calling him a wonderful husband and father.

Dylan also spoke, gushing about his mother and his love for Burton’s work. He shared his excitement to see the new Burton project and was thrilled to have his mother playing Morticia. Zeta-Jones also spoke about her Morticia character, praising her by saying she’s an “iconic woman” and a “matriarch.”

Zeta-Jones also shared that she was very excited when she received the call to work with Burton and said it was “totally a bucket-list moment.” She also recently spoke about her recent film projects, including the “National Treasure: Edge of History” series for Disney+ and her role as Morticia in “Wednesday.” 

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Reflects On Her Long-Lasting Marriage

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

At the recent L.A. premiere of Tim Burton’s new series “Wednesday,” Zeta-Jones and her son, Dylan, spoke with Extra about the new film and Douglas, who was not absent. Zeta-Jones and Douglas will soon celebrate their 22nd anniversary, and the actress reflected on their years of marriage.

When asked what she has learned about marriage and love over the years, Zeta-Jones said, “I know I thank my lucky stars every day that I picked the right guy.” She praised Douglas further, saying, “I lucked out big time. He’s a wonderful husband. He’s a wonderful father.”

She also said, “He happens to be a wonderful actor. But for us, he’s just Michael. I can’t believe it has been 22 years, but then when you see this guy [pointing at Dylan], you go, ‘Yeah, 22 years… that makes sense.’”

Her Son Dylan Is Excited To See Her As Morticia In ‘Wednesday’

Catherine Zeta-Jones and son Dylan

During the conversation with Extra, Dylan also spoke about his mom and his love for Burton’s work. He said, “I think the first [Burton film] my mom showed me was ‘Edward Scissorhands,’ and that’s a great film. I’ve seen so much of Tim Burton’s work and I love it, and for him to do his first tv show… ‘The Addams Family,’ for him to ‘Burton-fy’ it is just so exciting.”

Dylan also shared his excitement to have Zeta-Jones playing the role of Morticia and said that he’s “pumped to be here” and it’s all “pretty cool!” Zeta-Jones smiled brightly as her son spoke and said, “I am cool for two minutes.” She also spoke about her Morticia character, calling her an “iconic woman” and a “matriarch.”

Zeta-Jones said, “She’s such a pop culture image for me. I wanted to just exude her, not try and be somebody else’s interpretation. This particular version of this world is very rooted in modern-day reality, which makes it very cool and funny. Also, weirdly enough, very close to the original.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones Was Overjoyed To Work Tim Burton

Catherine Zeta-Jones

When asked about her reaction to getting the call to work with Burton, Zeta-Jones said she was very excited. The actress laughed as she recalled that she said, “I don’t need to read the script. When do I start?’” She revealed that her time working on the series “was a joy” and “totally a bucket-list moment.”

Zeta-Jones continued, “I hope I get this opportunity to do more with him. He’s a genius. I have been doing this a very long time, and now I can just sit back and enjoy. It is not really about watching myself… Enjoying the work of others and seeing scenes I read in the script, but I was never there when they shot, and seeing anything that Tim does is pretty cool.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones Opened Up On Her Other Hollywood Projects

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Zeta-Jones was recently at D23 for the release of the official trailer for the Disney+ series “National Treasure: Edge of History” and spoke to Extra about her experience working on the series. She said, “I had a really good time on this.” The “Chicago” actress also shared her experience playing Morticia in “Wednesday” alongside Jenna Ortega.

Zeta-Jones said, “It was one of those great, all-come-together few years. Doing ‘National Treasure’ and then before that I worked with Tim Burton, which was a dream come true to play such an iconic character… It was really great to step into those Morticia black robes.”

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