Chantel Jeffries Sexy Romp On The Beaches Of St. Maarten

Chantel Jeffries and her bestie, model Vinetrria are living it up in St. Maarten according to the model’s Instagram Stories.

Chantel Jeffries Showed Off Her Buns

In a few videos, the DJ showed off how much fun she was having in a triangle bikini almost matching with Vinetrria. The camera is placed at an odd angle and the girls are dancing and prancing around for their followers and potential likes.

Jeffries and Vinetrria dance to sultry music and pose every once in a while, to show off their ASS-ets. Jeffries, 30 documented her whole trip to the Caribbean Island including posting her flight plan and her time on the plane.

She shared a boomerang of her perfectly sculpted eyebrows in an up-close shot of what looks like either first class or a private plane.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The model and her bestie had a few drinks at the bar and kept themselves entertained with TikTok and other fun reels. They were having such a good time they couldn’t stop laughing.

Jeffries is rumored to be dating Diplo. They were spotted meeting up and hanging out when she flew into Miami for a gig. The model has been working on moving away from modeling and working as a DJ full-time.

Could Diplo be her in? The alleged couple has not confirmed their dating but the rumor has been going around since early 2020 when they were spotted vacationing together in Mexico. Jeffries is like a bad boy.

She used to date Justin Bieber, in fact, he kind of had a hand in her shooting to fame. She was on his arm at big events and naturally, people wanted to know who she was and what she did.

Chantel Jeffries Take A Lot Of Sexy Pics

Chantel is no stranger to taking sexy, tempting photos. In fact, her IG is full of them the model’s influencer life spills over into her music like often. In one photo, the DJ is on location to spin but in her down time, she took a sexy photo of herself lying topless on a beach and reading a book.

In another photo, she wears a three-piece lingerie set and poses on a bed. Her hair is in pigtails and she is looking at the camera suggestively. “Bar set way above par,” writes Jeffries on IG. In another photo in the series, she stands up and looks down at the camera giving fans a great show of her extremely daring outfit.

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