Charly Jordan Shares Mental Health Journey While Going Topless In Tub

Charly Jordan knows how to heat up social media, and she did just that in a new Instagram post!

The model turned DJ shared a set of sexy snaps on her feed, and her legion of fans could barely handle it. In the Thursday update, Charly looked sensational as she took a dip in the hot tub without her bikini top.

Going Topless In The Water

Charly Jordan posing for the camera.
Instagram | Charly Jordan

In the photos, the 23-year-old was almost entirely submerged in a jacuzzi somewhere in Montréal, Québec, as per the geotag.

Charly appeared to be wearing just a mint green bikini bottom that sat high on her sides and a little low at the front. The design helped showcase her slamming figure by contrasting her full hips with her tiny waist. She paired her lower garment with nothing at all, as she chose to pose topless for the photos.

Stunning Scenery

Charly Jordan posing for the camera.
Instagram | Charly Jordan

In the first picture, Charly had her body facing the camera and looked straight into the lens as she used both of her hands to cover up her bare chest. The second and third slides showed the bombshell posing sideways with most of her back directed to the photographer. She looked over her shoulder and offered a tantalizing expression.

Charly leaned on the side of the tub using her left hand while she concealed her assets using her right arm. The place was seemingly situated in a high location that was surrounded by spectacular mountain views.

Achieving So Much At A Young Age

Charly Jordan posing for the camera.
Instagram | Charly Jordan

In the caption, Charly reflected on her “crazy journey” with music as she reflected on her mental health while being a famous internet personality.

Charly began by reminding fans about her “new single,” which will debut today, June 24.

“What a crazy journey it’s been the past year with music. I’ve learned so much about just life in general,” she shared. “One of the most incredible experiences has been being able to connect with you guys in person and finally do something that truly feeds my soul, something tangible and real that I’m able to do and make…which is music and DJing.”

Opening Up

Charly Jordan posing for the camera.
Instagram | Charly Jordan

Charly added, “Seeing the hours of work I’ve put in actually pay off in my real life, something social media used to not really offer me. But one of the hardest things has been exactly that, people putting me in the box of ‘influencer’, or honestly just being a female in the space, and having to deal with constant negativity from a platform I used to adore, just because I decided to do more than be a model.”

She also noted that she “was really taken back by peoples responses and cyber bullying for me trying to learn, trying to grow, and not just being a pretty face that did what other people wanted.”

Having A Healthier Mind

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Charly also revealed that her “real life has changed so much for the better, and I wanted to take everyone on that journey with me but unfortunately people have become very judge mental and it feels like people r purely seeking out entertainment these days. I love f–king around just as much as the next person but there’s a moment where you have to sit back and reflect and try to find depth. I’m proud to say my life is a healthy mix of all things at this point. I feel so blessed I get to feel the things I feel and experience the things I do even if it’s super overwhelming at times. From meeting and getting to play with my idols, to laying on the airport floor in a ball for hours because airports r now my second home.”

Charly ended her message by writing, “I’m just happy to be here. Happy that my mental health has somehow persevered after 5+ years of putting myself out there every single day hoping for the best.”

To date, the share racked up over 253,000 likes.

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