Chloe Veitch Admits To Feeling ‘Hindered Being A Woman’ In IWD Tribute

On Wednesday, March 8, Netflix reality star Chloe Veitch took to Instagram to post a heartfelt International Women’s Day tribute.

The beloved TV personality has appeared on three Netflix reality shows, including “Too Hot To Handle,” “The Circle,” and the recent dating series, “Perfect Match,” which combined sexy singles from some of Netflix’s top reality shows, including “Love Is Blind.”

Although Chloe has no problem embracing her feminine side and is proud to be a woman, she does say that she does “feel hindered being a woman” at times in her career.

Netflix Reality Star Chloe Veitch Celebrates International Women’s Day With Touching Tribute

In her Instagram post, Chloe shared a whole carousel full of photos that embraced her bubbly and quirky personality that fans have grown to love.

“Happy international women’s day, today is about spreading awareness and bringing the world to a point where it is free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination and is diverse, equitable, and inclusive while differences are valued and celebrated,” she wrote in the caption.

Chloe Veitch at the arcadeChloe Veitch at the arcade
Instagram | Chloe Veitch

“I am proud to be a woman, I am NOT going to be stereotyped, I am NOT going to stand for being discriminated,” she continued. “Sometimes I feel hindered being a woman because I get underestimated, being told what I should and shouldn’t do in terms of business and my career, because of being a woman.”

“Today is about reminding everyone that we can achieve whatever we want to achieve without being told that isn’t our role to play. We are hard workers,” she continued. “We are strong. We are beautiful. We are impactful. We are also helping to change and shape the world for the better.”

Chloe Veitch snaps a selfieChloe Veitch snaps a selfie
Instagram | Chloe Veitch

“We are mothers. Grandmothers. Wives. Business women. Entrepreneurs. We are whatever we want to be, let’s embrace it,” she concluded, capping off the post with a red heart emoji. Her “Perfect Match” costar Kariselle commented, “You are a dream” while her ex-boyfriend, “Perfect Match,” and “The Circle,” costar Mitchell Eason dropped three spaceship emojis in the comments.

“I believe in women who support each other and spread love. We are strong, beautiful, powerful, and important and we need to remind these things ourselves every day,” one fan commented. “Beautiful! I’ve yet to understand why Netflix doesn’t just let you have your own show?!? You basically carry the whole streaming service!” another follower wrote.

Of Course, Chloe Wasn’t The Only Netflix Reality Star Celebrating International Women’s Day!

Several other Netflix reality stars joined Chloe Veitch in celebrating International Women’s Day. Emily Faye Miller, who appeared on season 2 of “Too Hot To Handle” shared a steamy video of her silhouette set to the tune of Tommy Genesis’ “a woman is a god.”

In the caption, Emily wrote, “God bless us #iwd.” Her costar Larissa Trownson commented, “You have no business being this sexy.” Another costar, Cam Holmes, commented, “What an edgy girlfriend I’ve got myself.” The couple quickly became a fan-favorite on the show and are still dating two years later!

Another ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Reality Star Also Shared A Touching Tribute

The season 3 winner of “Too Hot To Handle,” Beaux Raymond, also shared a few touching tributes for International Women’s Day. She devoted this International Women’s Day to her “nearest and dearest,” starting with a touching tribute to her mother.

“This woman has gone through the most with loosing [sic] my little brother at an early age to Meningitis then onto loosing [sic] my nan and grandad when pregnant with me,” she wrote. “She shows me every day what it’s like to get on with your day even though life loves throwing us constant battles but nothing stops her. She will forever be my reason and I’m forever grateful to her every day.”

Beaux Raymond poses in a blue dressBeaux Raymond poses in a blue dress
Instagram | Beaux Raymond

After posting tributes to her childhood friends Emily and Shannon, she wrote a tribute to herself. “theres alot of sides to Beaux that no one has seen but I can tell you now she cries a lot,” she wrote. “last year was probably one of the hardest years of my life, with adapting to this whole lifestyle I never saw myself in, to falling in love and it breaking me completely.”

“The past couple months I have started to rebuild myself and am starting to realise who I really want to be. The women in this are just an example of what us women go through and as well as men, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors,” she added. “I salute anyone that is struggling but still gets up everyday to reach their goal and doesn’t let battles get in their way.”

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